Yummy Things


Chocolate dipped biscotti.
Why is it so delicious?!!?!


Chubby little baby feet.
Why are they so delicious??!?!
It makes me laugh that babies have arches. It’ll be months before this guy even walks. What are those arches for?!

Hope you have a delicious day, Gentle Reader.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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5 Responses to Yummy Things

  1. Janet says:

    Love the cute baby feet. Chocolate dipped biscotti look yummy. Happy Holidays AB and family!

  2. Diane says:

    Happy new year! So lovely to see the baby-feet!
    Enjoy, enjoy!

  3. Beth says:

    I found your blog on the top dance blogs of 2012. I checked you out, because I’m starting a beginner’s dance blog. Happy new year, and cute baby feet.

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