The Nutcracker I want to see this year

Ok so Mr. Adult Beginner and I don’t give each other Christmas presents,
Because he buys me lots of treats throughout the year and I accept them happily.
What can I say, I’m a lucky woman.
Anyway, what we do for Christmas timez instead is we do something together.
Last year it was Charles Phoenix’s “Disneyland” tour of downtown LA.
Which is amazing.
You get on a vintage school bus and he tours you all around downtown, narrating through a megaphone how downtown Los Angeles is just like Disneyland, and you visit the downtown equivalent of Frontier Land and Main Street USA and Tomorrow Land and all the different lands of Disneyland and you get out and walk around and eat stuff and see things you’ve never noticed and it’s totally the coolest thing ever.
But you can’t go this year because the tour is all sold out.
So suck on that, Gentle Reader.
But you can do this!
Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater!
Which I’d heard of but never been to until Charles Phoenix took us there last year, and Gentle Reader, it is amazing.
If you are like me you will walk in all judgey thinking, “Dang, this place has seen better days” and maybe smirk a little at the ancient sound system but as soon as the marionettes dance out, you will be enchanted and I’m totally serious.
You don’t notice the men in black working the marionettes, you are just completely entranced as reindeer walk right up to you and Christmas elves sing and seriously stop reading this and go book a ticket because this year they are doing The Nutcracker!
$20 a ticket!
Kids under two free!
I am so fired up to see a marionette dance Sugar Plum.

Oh and PS, for $10 you can have a marionette present a gift and birthday crown to your birthday girl or boy during the show. I’m thinking this would make a great 21rst or 40th birthday treat.

And PPS, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater is a Los Angeles Cultural Historical Landmark. Neat!

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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5 Responses to The Nutcracker I want to see this year

  1. …and now I want to move to LA! Seriously, that tour you went on last year sounds like exactly the sort of thing I would love to do! The marrionettes show also sounds very entertaining, and if I were living in the area, I would have stopped and bought my ticket when I read your instruction to do so. Alas, I’m in chilly St. John’s, Newfoundland!

  2. AW MAN, the Halloween show looks SO COOL. I’m just going to sit here watching youtube videos of puppets tonight, I guess.

  3. MaddyG says:

    Oh my god, I drive past that place every day going to and from work and I noticed that too! We just saw Joy Womack dance the Sugar Plum Fairy in honor of her old teacher in Santa Monica and I smiled when I saw that there is a puppet version going on too. I might just have to see that too. :)

  4. Sam says:

    Sounds great, is Baby AB going too? I guess he’s too young…
    Me, on the other hand, are actually going to see The Nutcracker with the girls from ballet class – I’ve seen this same version years ago, but they haven’t. And I’m positive that those ballerinas MUST see it, so I’m taking them all (not paying for tickets, though, forget about it!).
    And jennapeterson88 is right, the more I read this blog, the more I want to move to LA.

    • Nice, way to get your classmates educated.
      I think I could take lé bébé, as long as I had a seat at the back of the room so I could stand up and sway him to sleep without blocking anyone’s view.
      And proximity to the door so I could take him out of the theater if he got fussy.
      I mean he’s definitely too young to enjoy it, but I bet I could enjoy it enough for two.

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