Adult Beginner is cleared for take-off

Had my six-week post-baby appointment the other day-
And, just gotta give another shout to midwife care here: I figured I’d give birth and they’d be like High-five! Laterz! but no, Gentle Reader, they kept seeing me and baby and Mr. Adult Beginner when he could make it to the appointments, for six weeks. Six Weeks! That is some care right there.
The six week appointment was the last one. They pronounced me all better and cleared to resume all activities, including exercise.
I feel like I’ve been released back into the wild.
Like no, really, it’s like the cage door has been opened but I’m just peeking out like excited but not sure about running off into the woods just yet.
I mean, I took the whole Take It Really Easy For Six Weeks recommendation very for realz. Especially once I got that dumb fever. My days have been very feed-eat-change-nap-repeat.
Very in-house.
Started going for walks again, with The Baby in his hippy-sling. He adds a good thirteen pounds to my strut.
And at first I was weak! Like, slow! And barely going around the block!
I was like, Dang! How am I gonna get back to ballet? At this rate?
But it’s getting better, I found a coffee shop a couple streets over that has a happy-hour with half-priced coffee drinks, so that’s been my incentive. Get the little man in his sling and book it over there for a cheap decaf americano.
Walking much faster these days.
And now some numbers, ’cause those are fun:
The pregnancy weight gain: exactly 39 pounds.
I know exactly because I got weighed that day, when I was in labor but didn’t know it yet, which, short version, went like this:
Week after baby’s due date, still no baby. Woke up with vague back cramp. Went back to sleep. Woke up again, back cramp, called midwives to tell them something might be up maybe, and ask if I could cancel the non-stress test I had scheduled at my back-up hospital that day. They said no, I should go, get the feed back, see what’s really going on. I was totally stressed out about that non-stress test. Worried the back-up doctor would see bad results and induce labor. Mr. Adult Beginner offered to drive me but I was in a mood and wanted to drive myself. Headed off to hospital, vague back cramps slightly less vague, got there, weighed in, doctor checked me, doctor’s eyes got big, doctor said, “um, you are dilated to a five. You are In Labor. Did you drive here by yourself?! Call your midwives and go home right now!” So that was awesome. Drove home, singing along with power-ballads on the radio during the back cramps, met midwives there, some friends came over with Thai food for lunch, and then things got real. Back cramps took over my world from 2-6:30pm, then it was time to push, and he was born at 8:30. At 9 pounds 3 ounces. Which is way huger than I was expecting.
So, 39 pounds gained, lost 26 during the six-week recovery, that leaves me at 13 pounds up, fifteen of which seems to be in the boob department.
I’m not worried about the weight, Gentle Reader, just kinda want to keep track of it. It’s pretty fascinating how the body recovers.
So, back to ballet pretty soon I’m thinking!
Class will totally kick my ass. No doubt. No matter how I prepare.
Wonder if my tights still fit?


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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14 Responses to Adult Beginner is cleared for take-off

  1. BeautyGraceStrength says:

    Congratulations again! I am so excited to hear about your triumphant return to class :)

  2. Glad to hear you will be returning soon!! Did you have your baby at home?! That’s pretty awesome and bad-ass if you did!! :)

  3. Jenna says:

    I love the comment about 13 extra pounds, 15 of ’em in the boobs! My mother always says that those first couple of months after I came along are the only time in her life she would have been proud to wear a bikini. Too bad for her that I came at the beginning of February!

    Good luck with your return to the barre :D

  4. Anony Mouse says:

    haha i’m such a perv. when you said “cleared for all activities including exercise” i immediately thought sex.

    when i was in college on a sports team, we were required a mandatory daily 45 min steady aerobic workout and a group of us would always giggle and mummble “does sex count?”. e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e. i’m in my mid 30’s and i still haven’t outgrown the giggling.

    congrats on the stellar health pre, during and post birth. did you ever think you were so tough? :)

    request: i know this is a ballet blog but i’m always curious about maternity items that you found essential in making your life easier or at least more comfortable whether self-made, hacked or purchased?

    i can’t wait for your post about the first day back in class.

    • Haha!
      Hmm, maternity items.
      Well #1 is definitely the Internet. Pretty much any little question I have has been asked and answered somewhere online, sometimes with great enthusiasm by Internet Crazies, which is both reassuring and entertaining.
      The hippy sling. The one I have is a Maya Wrap. What I love: it lets me carry him and still have free hands, it is not pink, blue, flowered, heart-ed or teddy bear-ed, it’s adjustable in size, it has a zippered pocket for my phone and wallet, and I can use the tail end to cover him for nursing, shade, or warmth.
      A house husband pillow. Looks dorky but keeps my back comfy when I sit up and nurse in the middle of the night, nice to not fuss around arranging pillows while the baby cries for food.
      Three bassinet sheets. One came with the bassinet, I made two more on speculation, and so glad I did because those things are constantly being stripped off and thrown in the laundry.
      Three changing pad covers. Same as above.
      Some things that haven’t worked:
      Any nursing pillow. The Boppy leaves a gap between me and the pillow that the baby slides down into, the Brest Friend has no gap but I don’t like wearing a tray-table and it is really hard to transfer a sleeping baby off the pillow into a bassinet, I’m sure there are others but the best nursing pillow, in my opinion, is whatever normal shaped pillow is nearby.
      Another thing that doesn’t work: the really cute burp-cloths I made out of toweling and vintage table-cloth. They look great but what works better is a receiving blanket, a sackcloth towel from the kitchen, or even one of the squares of old cut-up sheet we use for cleaning. Oh well.

  5. Sam says:

    I remember you said you were going to take some ballet cardio classes before going back to the actual ballet classes… see where I’m going? Holding you to whatever you write here? Pretty dangerous having a popular blog! :-D
    Anyway, the NYC ballet DVDs are pretty good, why don’t you try that at home to see how strong you are? Plus, lots of pretty people on the DVDs to inspire you. And I bet the baby will have lots of fun watching you!! I have been thinking about the Ballet Beautiful program, too… could help you with those few pounds you want to get rid of!
    How about creating the Adult Beginner program? :-D

  6. judy lerner says:

    catching up on blogs i like and just saw this. glad to see you’re all cleared for dancing again! good luck! :)

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