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Yummy Things

Chocolate dipped biscotti. Why is it so delicious?!!?! Chubby little baby feet. Why are they so delicious??!?! It makes me laugh that babies have arches. It’ll be months before this guy even walks. What are those arches for?! Hope you … Continue reading

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The Nutcracker I want to see this year

Ok so Mr. Adult Beginner and I don’t give each other Christmas presents, Because he buys me lots of treats throughout the year and I accept them happily. What can I say, I’m a lucky woman. Anyway, what we do … Continue reading

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Adult Beginner is cleared for take-off

Had my six-week post-baby appointment the other day- And, just gotta give another shout to midwife care here: I figured I’d give birth and they’d be like High-five! Laterz! but no, Gentle Reader, they kept seeing me and baby and … Continue reading

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Nobody likes cold feet

One of my fave things about having a baby around the place: the sock bowl Look at all those tiny socks! And that one pair of black and white stripe leg warmers

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