Tiny Man Clothes

For some weirdo reason all my friends who have kids have had girls.
All of ’em.
Except, like, three. Out of all the kids there are like three boys. Some bizarre statistics up in here.
Anyway, the Adult Beginner has been benefitting from all these girl babies by being on the receiving end of a bunch of hand-me-down baby clothes, mostly neutral colors, greens, lots of white onesies, like it even matters at this point,
Anyway, the other day a big ol’ bag of hand-me-down boy clothes showed up on the doorstep, including this shirt


Which I thought was funny and neat. This shirt in with all the tiny overalls and cargo shorts, and, you know, tiny man clothes.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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8 Responses to Tiny Man Clothes

  1. roriroars says:

    This is freakin’ fantabulous!

  2. Sam says:

    Hi AB – new reader here! Not working much for the last few days… maybe couple of weeks?… reading the entire Older Posts list in a side browser window, hidden from curious workmates passing by. Totally in love with your blog! Please let us know what Mr. AB says about his boy wearing ballet-related clothes at this point already… my husband would probably freak out. But then again, who says it’s HIS boy, anyway? He’s Baby AB now!!

    • Hey Sam, high-five for blog reading during work hours, way to stick it to the man!
      I think Mr. Adult Beginner will be cool with the shirt.
      Or, to be more accurate, he’ll find the ballet shirt just as baffling as the football shirts people have given the baby. We’re both kinda hoping the boy turns out to be a nerd so we’ll all have something in common.

  3. Janet says:

    Nice! I wonder how many different ballet company onesies you could find? Smirnoff might approve. Hope you are feeling better, and having fun with the little man.

    • roriroars says:

      I have to say, after reading this post I immediately popped onto my local Major Ballet Company website to see if they had onesies. Sadly, all they have is a stupid baby hat and I’m guessing that babies don’t have a tremendous need for noggin warmers in SoCal.

      • Oh man, that’s so sweet that you even looked!
        He wears a hat sometimes, like when we go walking in the morning. The tiny tam-o-shanter from grandma is currently winning Most Hilarious Hat, although when he’s big enough for the puppy-ears hat that might give tam-o-shanter a run for its money.

  4. This is too adorable! It makes me grin to think of lil’ AB representing for the ballet. ^__^

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