It’s a rainy day and I’m still pregnant

So I’m messing around with artRage.
Discovered some new ways to change up the watercolor settings.
Just to blow your mind: this is a picture I made, from a photo I took, of a tutu I built.
Woah. Layers.
Right when I clicked the shutter on this photo, there was a tiny little breeze that fluffed up the tutu just enough to completely hide the bodice, rendering this photo useless for portfolio purposes. But still pretty so I kept it.
So that’s what.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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9 Responses to It’s a rainy day and I’m still pregnant

  1. Diane says:

    that is really lovely!
    Could you perhaps explain a little bit about this “artRage”, and what it can do? (sorry, if you have done so before and I missed it! Or forgot! :o ) I am intrigued. You obviously have a very good “eye”, and the coordination as well, which surely also help you immensely in learning something like ballet.

    • Here’s a link to artRage.
      I really really really really like ArtRage.
      Whatever drawing/painting medium you use behaves almost exactly as it does in real life, with the added awesome factor of being able to use/add/reduce the opacity of/delete layers, and other computery things, plus you can do things you can’t in real life like erase water color and crayon.
      Also, the side of your drawing hand doesn’t get all grey from pencil lead.
      If you’re interested in ArtRage and you’re using an iPad, you’ll wanna check out the cosmonaut stylus by Studio Neat, here’s a link, it is the best stylus Evar. Feels like a big fat crayon in your hand, totally eliminates that problem I had with other styli of using the side of the tip to draw and scraping along my screen and worrying about scratching Beloved iPad.

      • Diane says:

        thanks! that looks like fun. :)
        I suppose for those of us who shy away from doing “real” things with water colours and oils and all the rest of it because of the preparation and cleaning-up time involved, this would be an alternative.
        At the end, one does not have a “real” picture as a result, but a digital representation of one, right? For most purposes – such as to try stuff out – that is fine. :) Thanks again!!!

  2. Tahirah says:

    Was looking for some inspiration … Im only 15 wks and expecting twins (identical) lol. love your blog and paintings! Im also into the arts and love ballet but havent taken a class yet. Guess I have to wait now… Even though Im no where ready and dont dare to go en point however I do slip on my pro2007 grishko point slippers and just imagin when I get to ballet class what it will be like. I also have a pair of pink leather bloch slippers that are more my level. I cant wait to get back into shape so I can take up an Adult Beginner class lol..Goodluck to you!

  3. EmilyJean says:

    Hi! I just found your blog when I googled, ädult beginner on pointe” and I love it! I’ve been taking ballet for about a year, never having done it as a child, and I share many of your frustrating/humbling/embarrassing/awesome/life-affirming moments. Thanks for writing!

  4. Reece says:

    Before class this evening, someone was flipping through a dance magazine and I caught sight of an ad featuring a child in a chicken costume. Of course I immediately thought of Le Lac des Poulet.

    My observation is that many pregnant women go through three phases. Phase 1 is “Oh, isn’t this great! I’m going to have a baby!” Phase 2 is “Woah, this is getting serious. I’m going to have a baby. Must build a nest!” Phase 3 is “Get this alien being out of my body! I want my body back!” A friend swears by hot hot hot Chinese food for helping the last day of Phase 3. :-)

    Best wishes!

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