Pregnant stuff, and Time, and a cat picture.

This week the Adult Beginner is 37 weeks pregnant out of the industry standard 40.
Dudes, this is technically full-term.
Which means I could Go Off at any moment!
I’m like a ticking time-bomb of baby.
Gives me a very weird, time portal type feeling.
Like, reminds me of the Christmas of my senior year in high-school, someone gave me this art calendar, and I remember flipping forward to September,
September was Egon Schiele’s Scornful Woman,
And I remember staring at her sneer and the blank month below and thinking ‘Where will I be next time I see this calendar page? It’ll be on the wall in a dorm room? But what college? And I’ll be at college. I’ll be totally different than I am now. Who will I be next time I see this calendar page?’
Like really seeing myself older and sophisticated and carrying books and laughing with people my high-school self didn’t even know yet and probably wearing high heels.
And, like, the calendar page really was kind of a portal because I remember kicking off my sneakers that September and flipping the calendar page beside my desk in my dorm room and seeing her sneer again and writing things in the blank page below and thinking, ‘silly Past Self. I am at college but I’m not different at all. I am the same me.’
Also reminds me of this moment: driving down this long country road sometime in the spring of my senior year, to pick up my boyfriend, and suddenly having this weird time portal-y feeling of ‘Right now I am stressed out and everything is wrong, but in two hours I will be making out and Everything will be Amazing.’
And reminds me of this moment somewhere toward the end of my first semester in college, freaking out about everything that was all coming due at the same time, projects and zillion page papers and exams I needed to ace, and knowing that if I could somehow skip forward just a month I’d somehow be done with all of it, all these things would be finished and behind me and I’d be free.
And feeling comforted by the fact that it’s just a matter of time.
Pregnancy is kind of like all that.
They give you a due date, and it seems very far away, and you figure you’ll know so much more about life and everything by the time you reach that date, and you’ll be a different person and there’s something amazing waiting for you on the other side of that date, and if somehow you were to skip forward a month after this date all of this will have happened already, you’ll have accomplished this overwhelming project,
and you’ll probably still be the same you?
Anyway, so one of the things Mr. Adult Beginner and I have been doing to get ready is moving all the books out of what was the guest room and what will be the baby’s room, so, like, we can fit the baby in there eventually. Babies need shelf space, right?
Anyway, so this includes moving out all the National Geographic Magazines. I’ve been going through and tearing out the pages I really like to keep in my reference files and recycling the bulk of the magazines- all except the one from 1964 about how NASA is planning to get people on the moon, and the one from the twenties that’s all about chickens, those two stay intact- and I found these in a story on cats.
So there.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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24 Responses to Pregnant stuff, and Time, and a cat picture.

  1. I recently reworked a shirt with that cat/ballerina photo on it!

  2. Mary C says:

    Oh my God, this post made me laugh so hard! I LOVE your blog! I’m not even taking ballet. I’ve been trying to gear myself up to try a different dance style and ballet is in the running…but I’m 32 and never taken ballet, so it takes some gearing up… Your blog was a serendipitous find! Awesome!

  3. Katy says:

    I’m two years into the Great Experiment and I still expect the Responsible People to knock on my door and say ‘Thank you for baby sitting. We’re taking him back now to live with people who are qualified parents.’

    PS. Guard that shelf space with your life, pretty soon everything you own will need to live at least five feet off the ground.

    • Janet says:

      Too true!

      • Funny thing is: we’ve had lots of babies, toddlers, and kids visit the house, and instead of going for the shiny fun things on lower shelves they’ve all been most interested in whatever the adults were doing. At most, one kid found and then marched around the house with one of our electric toothbrush heads, it was like the best toy ever.

  4. Janet says:

    Getting closer to having a little AB! I know how hard it is to part with National Geographic Magazines.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that you have a good delivery. Tell Mr AB that Dads fainting are not part of a good delivery. Looking forward to hearing about what Baby AB looks like, too.
    Take care, love your blog.

  5. Adrienne says:

    This is one of my favorite posts of yours! Funny and serious at the same time… And the cutest cat -ballet picture ever! Awatiting news of the new arrival! Till then, happy end-of-pregnancy!

  6. Nichelle says:

    1. Do you have a mini chicken head for the blog baby photos?

    2. Can’t believe it’s already time for the bomb to go off. Must admit, with both pregnancies I felt more like a dud; like I’m waiting for the president to pick up the red phone and get someone’s finger on the fire-when-ready button already.

    3. Wishing you all the very best. Smooth delivery. At least a reasonable percentage of sleep and all that. It’s quite a ride, enjoy as much of it as you can!

    • 1. I don’t have a mini chicken head. Oh No I am not ready for this baby!!!!
      2. Totally love the idea of Obama picking up the phone and activating launch sequence with, like, “Adult Beginner is Go. I repeat: Adult Beginner is Go.”
      3. Thank you very much!

  7. Must admit: the pointe shoe/tight color combo doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the “nude” shoe/pink tights version of The Nutcracker on So You Think You Can Dance this season. Also, seeing a photo with pointe shoes tied correctly and with the knots actually tucked in allows me to look past color fairly easily! It seems like the pointe shoe and tights people have gone back and forth over the years regarding what exactly “ballet pink” might mean – anything from peach to cotton candy seems to be used.

    • Yes! I love seeing the rainbow of “ballet pink”.
      My beef here is the pairing of the cool, blue-based pink of the tights with the warm, yellow-based pink of the shoes.
      Ideally I want them to both be cool or both be warm, even if the shoe is darker. The change in color temperature kinda makes a visual break, and visual breaks, well, they break!
      But this is my own beef and I’ll probably get over it and it wouldn’t stop me from enjoying whatever cat pas de deux is happening in this photo.
      Hell, I used to be against wearing brown and black together, totally got over that!
      Completely missed SYTYCD this season! How did that happen?! Will have to go see this Nutcracker performance!

  8. Reece says:

    Tick… tick… tick… Have you picked a name yet?

    For your amusement, here’s a link to a Huffington Post slideshow presenting 20 unusual baby names:

    • Have picked a name, also have picked a couple decoy names to tell people who ask.
      Like, Ghengis for a boy, Atilla for a girl.
      Or my favorite decoy names: Tesla for a girl, Edison for a boy.
      Funny thing is, sometimes people don’t get it and are just like, “oh, Tesla’s pretty” and then I’m like, no! It’s funny! ‘Cause Tesla and Edison were- gah! Never mind! If I have to explain it its not funny!

  9. traci tyne says:

    Congrats on the baby!!

    I had my first ballet class last night (I’m 34!) and so went hunting for grown-ups-in-ballet blogs this morning. : ) Your blog is great! I adore the sketching. I’ll have to go read more and find out what you are all about (ie Do you sell your sketches? Please say you do!) But I just had to stop and give a good solid Huzzah on Tesla/Edison/Attila/Ghengis first. (I told people my second was going to be Hermoine or Voostenwallbert Schimmelpennick.) ; P

    . Babies are the best things ever. : )

    • High-five on your first class!
      There are a few things for sale on the Get Some page up there in the header. Thinking about setting up some cards or something in time for holidays, kinda depends on this whole baby thing.

  10. eballettoo says:

    First of all, what IS that weird time warp feeling anyways??! I’ve gotten it quite a few times in my life and its hard to describe to anyone else without them blurting out, “deja vu!” Which it really isn’t anything like that so I give up usually at that point. Its like a sudden awarness of that exact moment of time you are in and suddenly it makes you wonder what that exact minute of the day, say a year later will be like.. I started to wonder if it were actually some weird panic attack or something.. So bizarre! Anyways, I’m new to your blog, but it only took one post to make me a fan. I’m thirty and I’ve always been a fan of ballet but I suppose I never thought I could be good enough for it. I’m ready to take the plunge and prove to myself I AM good enough for it and your blog is definately encouraging me!

    So I just wanted to thank you for your blog and taking the time to share your “adult beginner ballet” stories, questions and thoughts. They are very much appreciated by myself, and from reading the other readers responses, appreciated by many others!
    Reading your life experiences and funny comments has made me feel a lot less alone on this crazy journey, and anyone who can do that for someone is giving a great gift!

    Can’t wait to read more!


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