Maxin’ and relaxin

So, back in the spring I was reading about how one of the things that happens during pregnancy is: your ligaments relax.
Because of a hormone with the totally hilarious name of Relaxin.
As in, “Yo homes, what up?” “Oh you know. Just maxin’ and relaxin.” “Word, word.”
So anyway, when I read about relaxin I thought Sweet! Maybe if I stretch regularly I can hold onto some of that increased flexibility. Look out, 180 degree penché, Adult Beginner is comin atcha.
Well, I’m very bummed to report: I don’t think it’s gonna work out that way.
Turns out the only place I feel any increased flexibility is right in the front of the pelvis, where the bones meet.
That ligament is totally maxin’ and relaxin.
Good for birthing babies; not so good for any balletical thing I can think of.
Oh well.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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8 Responses to Maxin’ and relaxin

  1. Balletdream says:

    Just be careful when stretching the hips! Our teacher wont even let us stretch the hips when we have the once-in-a-month-girly-thingy because joints is “too loose” and that can cause some serious damage, and since she’s just had a baby she keeps going on and on about how she won’t do all the stretches because of the extra-loose joints in the hips as to not hurt herself. Just a tip!

    Btw, even though not all of your posts are balletic, I love to read your posts! The minute a mail ticks into my inbox telling me that you have posted something new, I immediately open it and read it! So keep up the blogging!

    Love from a norwegian fan ;)

    • Hey, thank you! I totally appreciate the encouragement, especially now, having been out of class for so long, feels like I have less material. So thank you!
      And no worries, The Belly is in the way of any major stretching these days, no forward folding to touch the toes. It’s all nicely self-regulating.

  2. LWP Elle says:

    I read that it’s actually not recommended to stretch too much because the relaxin also makes you more prone to injury as some joints may stretch too much. Isn’t it like a big cosmic joke? Here are magical stretching powers… but you can’t use them!

  3. RainStorm says:

    What a shame! That would have been quite handy :)

  4. Nellie says:

    I am now singing the Fresh Prince theme tune in my head, just so’s you know…

    • Chilling out maxin’, relaxin all coolin’, shootin’ some b-ball outside a school when a couple a guys, They were up to no good! Started making trouble in my neighborhood!

      Ah, the classics.

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