Mr. Adult Beginner got me something shiny:

It’s a cover stitch, you guys.
Know what you can do with a cover stitch?
Stretchy things!
Know what’s stretchy?
Everything You Wear To Ballet Class.
so excited omg

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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15 Responses to OmgJanomeOmg

  1. AWESOME! I *so* wish I had a cover stitch machine. You’ll have to show us the fancy new leotards you create!

  2. Anony Mouse says:

    i’ve been eyeing that machine and the 1000cpx for months!! i can’t afford it because i’ve been on 4 vacations this year already and have maxed out the gifts i can give myself. whoa…i just re-read that and suddenly don’t feel so down.

  3. O'Fla says:

    That looks great!

    Sorry to be so dense, but what IS a cover-stitch?

    I have tried to sew stretchy-things on my own sewing machine, but it is really not very easy and does not really work. (I pull on the material whilst sewing it with a zig-zag stitch… )

    It would be so cool to be able to make things properly with stretch-material!

    • You’re not dense!
      A cover stitch is-
      Ok are you wearing a t-shirt? Look at the hem. You see two parallel lines of straight stitches, right? Flip it over, you see a thread going back and forth back and forth between those two rows, right?
      That’s a cover stitch.

  4. Nellie says:

    That is so cool! Still totally and utterly do not understand sewing in the slightest, but still totally cool!

  5. chrisgo says:

    I wear men’s medium for just about everything, I’m just sayin’ (wink, wink).

  6. Janet says:

    Very nice shiny gift from Mr AB!
    I am not a sewing person, but it seems like I need to learn again so I can make clothing I like. I work with a lot of excellent quilters and sewing people.

  7. roriroars says:

    I sense a new line of Adult Beginner dancewear coming on… or maybe that’s just wishful thinking. ;)

  8. My mom (who made all my competitive roller skating dresses from scratch) lived attatched to one of these things. It is SUCH a fun machine to use. The threading can be a terror, but I was using this on everything and anything I could get my hands on as well. ENJOY!! (Other people might have heard it as a serger?)

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