Swan Lake Groundhog Day

So, last summer when I was in New York, I saw Swan Lake.
This summer, Swan Lake again! Only thing ABT had going! For exactly the week I was in town!
They had other choices the week before and the week after. Nothing but Swan my week.
So, like, had no choice, was forced to go see it again.
Some things were the same:
Swamp Thing Rothbart’s toy swan in the prologue still makes me lol.
I still love the swans dancing in unison more than the pas de deux.
Jared Matthews is still making those thigh-high purple suede boots Work as Hot Sexy Rothbart.
Watching the exploding asteroid chandeliers float up to box level and away overhead is still a totally magical moment.
Still didn’t see the lovers wave happily united from the great beyond like the apotheosis sez they do. Maybe just couldn’t see them from my box.
Some things were different in a bad way:
Box Seat totally let me down! I was at the back of the row of box seats this time, on the left side of the house, which at first I thought would give me a good view of whatever I might’ve missed last time from the box on the right, But No, apparently All the action in Swan Lake takes place directly out of sight of the house left boxes.
Missed a lot. Sucked.
Spent some scenes watching the dancers who were seated around the stage watching the action. See you guys, when you’re on stage there’s always somebody watching you! Maybe not even by choice!
Some things were different in a good way:
Daniil Simkin and Isabella Boylston.
Really great together. Getting to see them totally made up for the weird Groundhog Day coincidence of seeing Swan Lake again a year later.
That dude gives off such a happy playful vibe. It seems perfectly normal that he’d rather go shoot things in the woods with his new crossbow than hang around the boring old castle. Dude just wants to have fun.
My favorite thing:
When it came time to for the lovers to throw themselves into the lake, they didn’t like, swoon their way in.
Odette and Seigfried jumped into that thing like they were happy to go! He caught so much air in his leap that if it had been a real lake he would have belly-flopped all the water right our of it. All the swans would’ve been soaked. Maybe Rothbart would’ve melted. Totally Different Ending!
And the other really cool thing that happened:
On the way to Lincoln Center, a man gave up his seat on the A train for me.
That still happens!
Chivalry is not dead!

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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9 Responses to Swan Lake Groundhog Day

  1. chrisgo says:

    Sounds like they took the classy way into the lake. I would have run at top speed, yelled canonnnn balllll and made sure I emptied that sucker. But that’s just me.

  2. Oh! The other thing that was my favorite thing was that Simkin and Boylston took, like, Twenty Million curtain calls! They just kept popping out and bowing again! And again! Hilarious!

  3. Mike says:

    Taking the A Train and a polite seat offering. Duke would be proud.

    • It was a very retro-sophisticate day
      And the nice thing about being offered the seat: I didn’t even have to work for it. Like, didn’t have to place hand on belly and arch back while eyeballing the seats. Dude just jumped right up and offered. So great.

  4. Janet says:

    Glad to hear that Chivalry is still alive and well.

    Box Seats. Sound so elegant, exclusive, snobby, whatever. I sit under the boxes in the Orchestra. The only good boxes are the really pricey ones in the center. Otherwise a good orchestra center seat gives a better view than any of the boxes on the “sides.” Big exception to orchestra seats is sitting behind a very tall person. Playing “bob and weave” to see around the obstacle gets exhausting and annoys seat mates.
    I hope another ballet is scheduled for your next trip.

  5. I love Swan Lake. There are multiple endings–most just end with double suicide, others have a happy ending where no one dies.

  6. The best Swan Lake I have ever seen was at Covent Garden in London. Natalia Makarova danced Odile/Odette and Mikhail Barishnikov Seigfried.

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