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Ok so remember how I was talking to the PR person for Bunheads?
And there was a possibility of being part of a press junket?
But that didn’t happen?
But I wrote a post about it anyway?
And you might have noticed that post received a comment from a friend of Kaitlyn Jenkins, the actress/dancer who plays Boo on Bunheads? And the friend, Carri, suggested I might be able to interview Kaitlyn?
Well here’s what’s happened since:
I got in touch with Carri,
She passed my info along to Kaitlyn’s mom, who sent me a super super nice email, saying how happy she is that people of all ages can discover and enjoy dance and that it’s never too late, and also including the phone number for her daughter’s PR person and encouraging me to call and request an email interview.
So I called, spoke to an assistant, got an email address, emailed the agent, got an out-of-office bounce back email, day or two later got the go ahead.
Was so excited about all the round-about intricacies and who-knows-who-knows-who-ness of this process that I immediately told a friend, who was like, “uh… and you’re doing all this work for what exactly?” and I was like FOR BECAUSE It’s AWESOME!!!!!
So anyway,
I’ve got my questions,
But what about you, Gentle Reader, what would you like to ask Kaitlyn Jenkins aka Boo on Bunheads?
Lemme know, maybe I can find out for you.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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13 Responses to Ask Boo

  1. Carri says:

    I am glad you were able to work things out! I am looking forward to reading about your interview!!

  2. Seeta says:

    Hi Adult Beginner. I have a question about Bunheads, and I’d be curious to hear Kaitlyn Jenkins’s thoughts. Unlike Breaking Pointe, the point of Bunheads is not just to show us some sort of “reality” of ballet. The show is about a lot of other things, too. So this always makes me wonder — what do the people working on Bunheads see as the meaning of the ballet element on the show? How do they think ballet in particular relates to the show’s other themes?

  3. jenniferc says:

    What was up with Boo’s snoopy leotard!!! (I’m not sure if that’s technically a question) I’d also be interested in hearing what she likes to wear to ballet class…hopefully not Snoopy leos!

  4. Kate Ropa says:

    Now I want to read the interview :) xx Kate

  5. Stacy says:

    I don’t know if you’ve already had the interview but I wanted to post just in case you haven’t!
    I saw Boo for the first time on a youtube video by Anaheim Ballet, not on Bunheads. I believe she was giving pointe shoe ribbon tying tips on one of their videos and she was an apprentice there. Just curious about her history and decision to go from ballet to acting!

    • The interview questions are in her hot little hands right now.
      From other interviews I read while doing research, it sounds like Kaitlyn was very into both acting and dance ever since she was a baby practically. She studied both, and then when it came time for high school she auditioned for and was accepted to both the Classical Dance conservatory and the Music and Theater conservatory of the Orange County Highschool of the Performing Arts, and chose to go for music and theater while continuing dance training on her own time.
      So, like, what an amazing chance this role is to express both her passions

      • Stacy says:

        Thanks for the reply! Seems like a really talented lady with music/acting/dancing! I’ll wait excitedly for the interview answers :D

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