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Bananas are Gross

Don’t even play, you know it’s true. Bananas are all mushy, and, like, banana flavored. Bleh. The really annoying thing about bananas is that they’re actually pretty good for you. Stupid bananas. All full of good stuff. Here’s a link … Continue reading

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Observing the barre

Mr. Adult Beginner is out of town this weekend, and since he wasn’t here to entertain me with Saturday morning ride-in-the-car-coffe-shop-bank-grocery-store-maybe-yard-sale, and yes I am that easy to entertain, I went to ballet class! My goals were two fold: Fold … Continue reading

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from the Internet Stalker files, category: Bunheads

See this couch? This is Sutton Foster’s couch. Why in the world do I have a photo of it? Well, I have a friend who works on Broadway, (don’t we all) and when Ms. Foster finished up the show and … Continue reading

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Psychological Profiling at the library

Seriously, all I have ever checked out from the library is ballet books and baby books. Wonder if the CIA keeps track of that stuff. You watch, one of these days I’ll check out a book about the Black Dahlia … Continue reading

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Culture POP hearts Adult Beginner

Hey, check this: Adult Beginner is featured on style art and design site Culture POP. Neat! The feature is an excerpt from this interview with 4dancers. Double neat!

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Finding a ballet class in Los Angeles

Got an email the other day, Somebody moving to Los Angeles, looking for recommendations on where to take ballet. And it got me thinking, because I’d just done this post about the big places to take ballet class in New … Continue reading

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Agent K’s favorite part of ballet class

The barre. Because everything is Precise and In The Correct Order.

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