This was almost really cool-

-Ok it still is pretty cool:
Got this email from Mr. Adult Beginner the other day that was like, “Hey, I was just visiting the Bunheads production office,”
And why was he visiting the Bunheads production office?
Because Hollywood, Bitches!
Gentle Reader, you know Bunheads, it’s this new show on ABC Family, it’s like Ballet-Trained-Vegas-Showgirl-Moves-To-Small-Town-And-Starts-Teaching-Ballet-To-The-Locals. So, kind of a sexy-big-city-fish-out-of-water story. And from the writer of Gilmore Girls which I really enjoyed for its rapid-fire dialog and for it’s Alexis Bledel. So pretty!!!
Incidentally, I have a lunchbox that Mr. Adult Beginner had Alexis Bledel autograph for me.
Because Hollywood, Bitches!
Anyway, so Mr. Adult Beginner was visiting the Bunheads production office, and he was telling them how his wife has a ballet blog and they were all like, “Oh neat! She’s a dancer? Like since she was a little kid?” and he was like, “Oh heckbutt no, she started from scratch at age thirty-two, here, google Adult Beginner, her blog is the first hit.”
Anyway, his email to me was all like, “here is the contact info for the Bunheads PR person. Send them a note, see if you can get a tour of the set or talk to a writer.”
And since he knew I’d be a little bit terrified at this idea, as your Adult Beginner is kind of a shy person in real life, he continued with,
“Do it!”
So I did it. I wrote up an email to the PR person, describing Adult Beginner, what it’s about, who are the readers (judging from comments: fellow adult beginners, returners to ballet, ballet teachers, professional dancers, former dancers, people who are thinking about ballet but haven’t jumped in just yet, even people who don’t particularly care about ballet but are down with the whole Obsessed With A Hobby thing),and what I do in real life so it would be clear I’m an industry professional and not some lookie-Lou off the street, and how I’m excited to see ballet reach a tv audience and how much I liked Gilmore Girls.
And the PR person wrote back!
Said she couldn’t promise a set tour but there was a press junket coming up and she might be able to get me on the list for that.
Which was like, Woah.
So I talked with Mr. Adult Beginner about what happens at a press junket, and he suggested I get Smirnoff to come sit with me and look regal and interject questions and charm the actors, and that seemed like a really fun idea-
But then the first episode aired and I hadn’t heard from the PR person so I googled “Bunheads press junket” and sure enough it had happened already.
So, my apologies, Gentle Reader, I did not get the backstage Bunheads scoop for you.
But because of you, and because of Mr. Adult Beginner, I was brave enough to ask.
So high-five to you for that.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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18 Responses to This was almost really cool-

  1. Carri says:

    You are so funny :)
    I teach beg adult ballet and really enjoy your blog!
    One of the teen ballerinas on Bunheads, Kaitlyn Jenkins is a friend of mine and perhaps you could interview her. She plays Boo she is really sweet and this is her first big break. Her mother is an excellent ballet teacher ;)

    • Omygosh that would be amazing! I will send you an email later tonight.

      • And hey, if you get a chance, please pass along to her how much I enjoyed her performance, she is totally charming and that moment where Boo asks her teacher about whether she should audition and her teacher gives some rather blunt criticism, I was totally feeling for her. I mean, grown women (ok I mean me) have responded with less dignity to such criticism. So, high-five to Kaitlyn!
        Plus she was totally adorbs in that Snoopy leo.

        • Carri says:

          I will get in touch with Kaitlyn when I get back in town. I am currently in Palm Springs I am the tap choreographer for the PS Follies. If you don’t know about the show you should check it out. The cast is 55-82. All professional dancers from Broadway,vaudville. Tv etc

          • What a hysterically small world: I worked on costumes for the Palm Springs Follies one year way back. Didn’t travel to the fittings though, so never got to see the show but love the concept. I’ve heard they actually won’t let you join the cast if you’re too young. Hilarious!

          • Carri says:

            Wow small world indeed. True you have to be 55 + to audition. People come from all over the US to audition in May

  2. Joyce says:

    Do you like Bunheads? Right now I’m into Breaking Pointe, but don’t know if I want to commit to another tv show. I did like Gilmore GIrls until they got rid of Jess. Why do I always go for sullen pouty bad boys?

    • That Milo Ventimiglia is pretty cute.
      I am really enjoying Bunheads! Lol-ed several times, and I’m not usually a big tv-laugher!
      Haven’t seen Breaking Pointe, will give it a shot, but, gotta say, I like scripted shows more than reality-based shows. Seems like the reality shows rely really heavily on cliques and personality conflicts and in-fighting a lá Top Model. I mean, I will totally be into some Top Model when they’re actually modeling, but once they start pulling out each other’s weaves I’m outtie.
      One of the things I like about So You Think You Can Dance is that they mostly show dancing, with just a tiny bit of personal backstory.

  3. roriroars says:

    Well, boo… a backstage Bunheads scoop would’ve been awesome, but hey, you got way closer than I ever would! I’m still jealous!

    I have to say, I wasn’t expecting to dig the show at all. I know there’s an Australian Bunheads that’s all about life at a pre-pro ballet school or something, so I thought at first that it was going to be an Americanized version of that… TOTALLY overlooked the Amy Sherman-Palladino thing (duh, look at my name, of COURSE I loved GG, particularly that adorable Alexis Bledel). And Kelly Bishop as the lady that runs the school… I heard that she used to dance (maybe she still does!). She’s just fantabulous.

    Anyway, who knows, now you’re on the PR person’s radar, maybe you’ll get a sneak peak yet!

  4. Oh, how I envy your living in Hollywood, or in the US, this sounds like an amazing adventure, even if id didn’t work out. I am looking forward to seeing whether Bunheads will ever be aired outside the US (or available on DVD). I love everything ballet to learn by watching…

  5. candice says:

    speaking of bravery…

    Thank you for your in-person research on NYC ballet classes. I took an advanced beginner class at Ailey last week when I was on vacation and it was awesome.

    • That’s great!
      Soooo wanted to try Ailey last time I was there. Stupid busted ankle.

      • candice says:

        You should try it next time, it is sooooo pretty. The view out the studio windows alone was worth the price of admission.

        Also the nicest marley floor I have ever danced on, bars that don’t wobble, mirrors which don’t have fat spots…. and a piano!

    • Nia says:

      Ohhh, in-person research on NYC ballet classes? Is it somewhere here on the blog? I am definitely interested! I am an adult beginner (29 yrs old, started ballet 2 yrs ago) from Europe and will be living in NYC for a year starting this August. I definitely want to take ballet classes there. I would be glad if you could give me some pointers on where to go.

      • Omygosh! A year? How exciting!
        There isn’t one specific post, but for the past three summers I’ve been able to make a trip to NYC for a week or so, if you look through the archive at June 2010 and 2011 there are posts about classes I took.
        Here are a few places to check out, in no particular order:
        Broadway Dance Center
        Alvin Ailey
        Ballet Academy East
        Joffrey Ballet School
        I have not been to all of these place. First year I was so new to ballet I just stuck with a daily basic class at Broadway Dance Center, second year I was all gung-ho to try a different studio every day, but only made it to two places before spraining my ankle in a class that was too advanced for me.
        Which is why I recommend for your first class at a new studio, try a class that’s at or slightly below your current level, just to get a feeling for how each place actually ranks their class levels.
        I’m sure there are lots more excellent studios, I have fun just doing a google map search for the words “ballet class” and seeing what things pop up on the map!

        • Nia says:

          Thanks so much! And yes I am super excited about moving to NYC (I am living in a cozy 100.000 people town right now :)). One of my (many) projects is definitely improving my ballet skills. I am going to take advantage of the chance to be able to choose a teacher opposed to being kind of stuck with the one decent school there is in my home town. Looking forward to new input.

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