Respect: just a little bit

In ballet class, respect is directly related to seniority: new students defer to lifers, everyone defers to the teacher.
Right? Like, when you’re new, you say hello and introduce yourself to the teacher, because you weren’t born in a barn, and then try your best not to stand in anyone else’s special barre-spot. And then say thank you after class.
Been starting to notice in Pregnant Lady Yoga class, respect is also directly related to senority,
but it’s based on how far gone you are, not how long you’ve been a class member.
Like, the yoga studio never has enough props. When I get there early I get a blanket and a block and a bolster, but if I’m running late and I get there just before class starts, I get nothing. Or maybe I make do with an extra yoga mat. You can really fold those mofos up into just about any shape, so it’s not so bad.
Here’s the respect thing I’ve been noticing: we all make damn-well sure the thirty-weekers get all the props they need. If we start doing a pose that requires two blocks, and the 34weeker only has one, there’ll suddenly be blocks coming at her from all directions, all of us insisting she please take our block.
It’s nice.
Also, the most senior member of class usually demonstrates the wall supported handstand. Which is an amazing thing to see and makes me excited for the bigness in my immediate future.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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2 Responses to Respect: just a little bit

  1. Joyce says:

    I can’t even do an unpregnant wall supported handstand =(
    Inversions are my nemesis. Prenatal yoga sounds nice…maybe I will get certification in that now that I have my basic 200-hr training done!

    • Yeah, do! There are always gonna be highly motivated pregnant ladies out there needing to take some yoga.
      My yoga teacher is big on throwing an uncomfortable/intense pose or two at us, like the dolphin shoulder stand, which looks like nothing but is a big intense surprise, and asking while we are in it, How do you feel right now? Do you want to run away from this feeling?
      I think she’s giving us the opportunity to practice physically enduring difficult sensations, you know, in just a small way so we know we can do it for later, but there’s also the idea of figuring out how we respond emotionally: she’s talked about the three types in Ayurveda – vatta, pitta…and the other one I can’t remember, and how, like, one responds to stress with sadness, one with anger, and one with anxiety.
      My response when she’s asking how we feel in the uncomfortable pose is generally HULK WANNA PUNCH SOMEBODY IN FACE, so I guess that tells me that anger is my primary response, so that’s good. Learning, yay!

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