Be afraid: the maternity wear edition

Been poking around on line for maternity leggings.
In bright colors.
Googling things like:
Fun Maternity Leggings
Maternity Leggings Bright Colors
Maternity Leggings That Don’t Completely Suck
Alls I’ve found is maternity leggings in black, charcoal, and white.
I mean, I get that I might be in a minority in wanting super-high waisted leggings in red, or sky blue, or orange, but white?!
What pregnant lady in her right mind wants white leggings?!
Even frikin ballerinas have been known to tremble in fear at the spectre of white leggings!

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to Be afraid: the maternity wear edition

  1. tyler says:

    hey! i’m not a dancer, but i wear ballet flats around…like just out and about in everyday life, because i’m a loon and i have always loved ballet. i was at a dancewear store a few days ago to buy some new flats and i was thinking, “would it be absurd as a 25 year old to begin taking ballet after never taking a dance class, like, ever?” and after a bit of googling, i saw that some places in town offer adult beginner classes… and through the same googling, i came across your fantastic blog. you’ve totally sealed the deal & inspired me to start taking ballet this fall. anyway, enough gushing. major buzzkill about the boring leggings, but maybe just try dyeing some white ones?

  2. tyler says:

    oof! i meant ballet slippers, of course…

  3. guyenne says:

    Are you looking for summer leggings or winter ones? I’m thinking Etsy or HyenaCart would be a great place to try. Also, I think men’s casual pants are nicer than women’s, especially because they’re more likely to have pockets.

    • Summer, my plan is to continue wearing short cute dresses as the weather heads up into the 90’s and above and as I get sillier and sillier looking. Will check, thanx

  4. Caitlyn says:

    American Apparel needs to start making maternity clothes. Actually, that’d be genius, given hoe comfortable their clothes already are.

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