saying Laterz to Smirnoff

Ok so back in early April, it was time to return after my two-week invasive medical test recovery break to take one last ballet class and break the news to Smirnoff.
Which I knew was gonna be rough.
But whatevs! I’mma have a baby! Wheeee!
Got did up in a cute get-up: black tights cut off at ankle, favorite black camisole leo with the ruched front, black shortie-shorts, thin dark red cardigan,
Swaggered into class feeling super-hottie and proud of my new round belly,
Didn’t know that in an hour and fifteen I’d stumble outta there feeling Hugely Fat and embarrassed and frustrated and yucky.
So, what happens is I tell Smirnoff, before class while I’m handing over my money and he’s writing my name in his big ledger, that I’m having a baby in October and that my doctor has recommended that I take a break from ballet while I’m pregnant, so this’ll be my last class until after.
And he’s like, “well that’s wonderful news, My Dear, a baby is wonderful! But I don’t understand, why does your doctor want you to stop ballet?”
And I explain about how my midwives (which I refer to as my doctor, because he probably believes in midwives even less than he believes in doctors) don’t want me to pull up and be tight and closed through the abdominal muscles.
He is not convinced.
Lé Assistant comes in and I tell her, and she’s all like, “Well that’s wonderful! And look at you! You’re just as big as Other Pregnant Girl! And she’s already at five months, how far are you? Only three months?! Why look at you, you’re just as big as she is! And her doctor says its ok to keep doing ballet! Why does yours say no?”
So I try and emphasize that I’m at three And A Half months and repeat the thing about pulling up and tight abs while feeling very annoyed with Other Pregnant Girl for not showing up to class so I can’t actually stand beside her and say, “look! See this mess? I am so Not just as big as she is already!”
Go to my spot at the barre, classmates are all yay and congrats and but why no ballet? and barre starts and it is hard, Gentle Reader. My knees feel achy. They’ve never felt achy before. I wonder if this is part of the whole joints-and-ligaments-becoming-looser-due-to-crazy-new-hormones thing. And I’m exhausted already. So I’m totally relieved when Smirnoff stops the music between exercises,
except that he stops it to say,
“My Dear. I am worried that you will become very fat. You have a tendency to become fat, and I’m worried that if you do no exercise at all you will become very fat.”
And in my head I’m like, ‘tendency to become fat?! You Don’t Know Me, Old Man!!!’ and then I’m like, well, I guess he has been keeping an eye on my body for the past two years so I guess he Does know me… but then I was like, but my weight’s been stable! It’s gone up and down within about a seven pound range, you know, the occasional dip down or spike up but always returning to the middle of that range! That doesn’t sound like a tendency to become fat to me!
But it’s not a tendency to become skinny either, which is maybe what he prefers, being an elderly ballet teacher and all.
So I reassure him that I will Not become very fat, because of all the walking and yoga and all the not eating refined sugar I’ll be doing, and he’s like, “well, maybe the baby needs refined sugar!” and I’m like ok now you are just being contrary, Old Man, nobody needs refined sugar, you need complex carbohydrates that slowly break down into sugars, and I’m getting plenty of complex carbs, so there, and meanwhile Lé Assistant is freaking out about the yoga thing and being like, “but do you even Do yoga?! You shouldn’t start doing anything new while you’re pregnant!!” and I’m like, yes of course I do yoga, this is the twenty-first century, dogs do yoga, babies do yoga, everybody does yoga!
But anyway I just try to reassure them and we move on to the barre pirouettes, and on the first en dehors I seriously almost fall over. Like, swing wildly, step way over, grab for the barre. Balance has seriously changed in two weeks. Next few pirouettes I give much less power and manage to go around without hurting myself or others. We do the other side, the en dedans and other side, and Smirnoff stops the music again.
“My Dear. I want you to be careful not to gain more than fifteen pounds while you are pregnant.”
And, Gentle Reader, I do my best to not lol.
I mean fifteen pounds?! I will for sure gain more than fifteen pounds! I garauntee it! I mean srsly: seven and a half pounds is not outrageous for a new born, and that would only leave seven and a half more pounds for all the support structures, the increased blood volume, not to mention all the boob stuff that’s going on, which is impressive.
Fifteen pounds may have been the norm for Soviet Era ballerinas, but I am not a ballerina and this is not the Motherland.
And I kinda want to remind him that just a month ago he’d been telling me I’d lost weight! Which was not even true as I was two and a half months pregnant at that time and he didn’t even know it!
So anyway, music goes back on, we manage to finish barre without any more talk about how Enormous I am going to be, move on to center, where I’m still the only one in class who can do all the “little jumpies” as he calls the jumps in first position, second position, then first-first-first-second!-repeat then first-first-second!-first repeat then firstfirstfirst again. It’s at least thirty-two counts of music, maybe sixty-four, maybe a million and thirty-two, I’ve never counted, each beat with a jump, and I am a super-star and totally winning despite my Tendency To Become Fat, and then he stops the music again and says,
“My Dear, you bear a resemblance to Kyra. Nijinski’s daughter. She was a dancer and choreographer too. I knew her. She became very fat.”
Which is a very conflicting thing to hear because on the one hand omg he just compared me to a Nijinski, and on the other hand, for fucks sake, enough already!
Looked up Kyra Nijinski on the YouTube later, found this interview, which is interesting but definitely not like looking into a mirror.
The rest of center is just kind of a blur of me trying to keep things light and cheery and not leave my last class in an angry huff. Lé Assistant is complaining about how she just doesn’t understand why my doctor would say no ballet, and I’m explaining about how in their experience dancers have very strong abs and she’s saying, “Oh, that’s probably true. Other Pregnant Girl’s abs didn’t pop out for a long time, they were very tight, but now she looks about like you do.” and I’m trying to find a way to roll my eyes without anyone seeing it in the mirror.
Finally we reverénce and I gather up my stuff and say goodbye to Smirnoff and Lé Assistant and they congratulate me and tell me to hurry right back to class after the baby comes and that they’ll miss me and I tell them how much I’ll miss them too and then suddenly wonder if Smirnoff has given me an amazing gift by making my last class So Annoying that it’s actually easy to walk away?
And also make a mental note to maybe take like a month of cardio-barre before coming back, so they can’t be all like You Are Fat I Told You So.
Then I go to the lobby to put my shoes on and be interrogated by my classmates and compared to Other Pregnant Girl some more. They’re all, “But she’s still coming and she’s fine! Her doctor says its ok!”
And I manage to not blurt out something mean like, ‘yeah well her doctor’s not trying to help her avoid a c-section.’ or, ‘right, has her doctor ever taken a single ballet class ever?’ and instead go with self-deprecation and says something about how Other Pregnant Girl has so much more experience in dance than I do, that she is much more aware of and in control of her body and knows how to do ballet with out over-engaging any particular muscle group whereas I’m just a big out of control mess.
Plus every body is different.
Drove home, a friend came over with champagne to toast Mr. Adult beginner, and fake champagne for me.
She was like, “how was class, was he ok with you leaving?” and I was like, “he says I’m fat and I’m gonna get fatter.” and she was like, “Ha! Well hey, I know the midwives said you might as well apply all sweets directly to your ass, so I brought us each a ThinMint, would you like to stick this on your ass?”
And I was like, Yes Please.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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23 Responses to saying Laterz to Smirnoff

  1. roriroars says:

    Bwa… bwahahaha!!! Oh, I’m sorry to be laughing at your tale of woe, but that Smirnoff… I mean, he is so not of this century. Old people being inappropriate cracks me up. Anyway, I’m sorry that your ballet exit wasn’t more loving, but maybe you’re right about it being a weird sort of gift making it easier to take the hiatus. Grr…

    The balance thing, though, reminded me of one of our preggos when she was, I dunno, 20 weeks or so? in class with the teens and apparently was talking at barre about how great her balances are now that she’s got the front bump going on. She was like, “Girls, being pregnant does WONDERS for your balance, you should try it!” Teacher (who was, like, 19 weeks pregs at the time but still keeping it largely secret) was like, “Shhhh!!! Don’t say that! They’re teenagers!” So 20-weeker was like, “Oh yeah, right, duh, um…scratch that, no, don’t get pregnant, not for manymanymany years, very bad.”

    Um, yeah, okay, that story isn’t that funny in the retelling, but seemed so at the time.

  2. Jen says:

    Gee whizz!!!! Smirnoff is such an ungrateful…person!! After you went into all that effort with the iPod too! >:-(

    I think the way you’ve been treated is really terrible, and so old-fashioned. On the other hand, it also sounds like they are lashing out at you in anger because they adore you and will miss you terribly but they are very, very bad at expressing it.

    Hope you feel better soon! xx

    • Oh I’ve got no hard feelings.
      Bluntness is actually one of the things I like about him and his class, and about ballet in general. I respond better to direct if somewhat harsh instruction than to a “lalala do what you feel” type approach.
      And they Better miss me terribly after all that!

  3. Catchip says:

    Ugh, I’m annoyed on your behalf. Great self control not to have a little tantrum and storm out right there. Thank goodness for friends!
    By the way, I for one won’t be retuning my blogreader although ballet class posts are on a break – happy to read about pregnancy or yoga or whatever. Or if you decide to stop writing for a while, all the best and see you on the other side!

  4. mladen says:

    sheesh. maybe he was a fat child, you know how life was hard in soviet russia, maybe he got hell from being a fat soviet kid and now it’s his worst nightmare, seeing fat appear…

    girl, you go and get fat, go get an extra but, have yourself an extra back cleavage. you’ll get it off! for christ’s sake, you are dancing ballet in your thirty-somethings! getting fit is like taking a stroll.

    anyways, will be missing your ballet posts, you know. best of luck madam B!

  5. guyenne says:

    Actually, as I recall, if you’re considered overweight to start with, you are only supposed to gain 15 pounds. If you’re average weight it’s 25lbs. Crazy, I know, given that babies average 8-9lbs birth-weight in the US.

    • True, have read that 15-if-you’re-overweight thing.
      I started at a very good weight for my height despite whatever Smirnoff might be implying, so I feel like a slow and steady 25ish would not be too bad.
      And it is surprisingly slow and steady, considering that I can see exactly where all the weight is instead of a non-pregnant weight gain where it just adds on all over and suddenly the scale has some horrifying new number. I only check every now and then, and each time I expect to totally break the scale and then it’s like One Pound? Really?

  6. chrisgo says:

    That was hilarious, people looked a me like I’m insane (which I’m not too far from) when they saw me laughing so hard when reading this. Best of luck not getting fat.

  7. Deborah says:

    I’m not sure, since I’ve never met either of you, but it almost sounds as if all that “why does your doctor say no ballet” is really “don’t go, we’ll miss you.” Wonderful post. He sounds like an ornery, infuriating, lovely old guy. Hope you enjoy being pregnant, and returning to ballet class!

  8. mencanballet says:

    I have like, devoured your blog in two hours. This is amazing!! I’m also an adult beginner so there are many things I understand hahaha !! Keep on blogging cause you’re great at it, your blog is just addictive!
    Happy dancing!

  9. Hey congrats for the preggothing and keeping up grace and dignity during last ballet class.
    How was the Mint on your butt?

  10. Yvonne says:

    Maybe it was not to expect, that he would understand. But its your decision and if you feel better with not dancing til the baby is there its all good. You wont be pregnant forever and surely you wont become fat if you control your eating habits and work out a bit. Pretty soon you’ll hopefully have a healthy beautiful baby and can face the barre again.

  11. Katy says:

    You probably don’t want or need any advice (because the whole pregnancy-advice-magnet thing is a bit of a pain), but I kept going to class (admittedly, I wimped out and went to beginners class because there were longer breaks between exercises) and teaching Pilates until the week before.

    As long as you feel good, and you’re not doing 250 crunches in class (no direct abs work, just lifting abs up and in…like there’s a crazy Russian teacher looking at you) you shouldn’t have any problems.

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  15. Kathleen says:

    I am just catching up with your blog and this post made me crack up hysterically. Fifteen pounds?? I gained 70 with my first baby. (Whenever I say that people say, “oh, seventeen, that’s not so bad” and then I have to explain, “No! Not seventeen! SEVENTY!!!”). Admittedly I was a little underweight to begin with but not 50 lbs worth. I was also told to stop ballet when I was pregnant (this was like, 25 years ago) but I walked the whole time and still turned into a moving mountain. Anyway, I love your blog. I feel like I am right there at the barre with you. I’m sure Smirnoff missed you while you were gone.

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