Adult Beginner, where have you been?

Gentle Reader, you may have noticed that I’ve been away from the blog lately, and I’m not going to apologize because suck it that’s why,
But if you’re interested, here’s what I’ve been up to:
Started taking pre-natal vitamins and went off the birth control. Figured I’d have another six months or so before anything interesting happened with that particular project. Meanwhile, went to see the NYCB’s Nutcracker on the Big Screen.
Bam! Got pregnant. Didnt know it yet. Had this conversation in class, which is kind of funny timing now that I think about it.
Began to suspect something was up, told Mr. Adult Beginner about suspicions, he bought a test, I took test, confirmed something was indeed up, was like, “Holy Crap!!! What???!!! Already???? For fucks sake!!!!” Took test second time, same results.
Once back when I was about twenty or so, my grown-up friend from New Zealand had told me that all you have to do to get pregnant is have, “six ivery die foh ah munth!” which sounded like a fun project although she assured me that it would be hard work and that the would be some days where I would not want to have “six”, which is a completely ridiculous idea when you are twenty or so. Always figured I’d try that method at some point. But no! Not necessary!
Did a double pirouette.
Suddenly became very tired all the time. Like, Mr. Adult Beginner describes as Supernaturally Tired. Had that feeling in ballet class I haven’t felt since I was just starting, where you’re dangling from the barre and seriously wondering if you’re gonna make it through class. Feeling lucky though, no morning sickness at all.
Not showing yet. Smirnoff actually turned to me in class one day and said, “My Dear, you have lost weight.” and I was like, ‘(in head) Joke’s on you, Old Man! I’m two-and-a-half months pregnant!’
Met with midwives. Just a shout-out to mid-wife care: even if you’re not going the whole home-birth route like I am, they do Great pre-natal. I had three appointments including nutritional counseling before all the pregnant lady books I’ve been reading said I’d have my very first doctor’s apointment.
Had a CVS in March, which you can learn more about on The Googles if you want, but basically it’s a test similar to an amniocentesis, with the advantage being you can have the test much earlier in the pregnancy than an amniocentesis. It tests for Downs Syndrome and other genetic things. Which made March a very rough month: it was all Would the test hurt? What about the risk of miscarriage associated with the test? What about the results?
It was a total month of holding breath, before the test and after, during the two weeks it takes to get the results back, which lemme tell you, is the two longest weeks ever. I decided that what was really taking so long was they took my sample, grew An Entire Person, and then asked that person, “hey, do you have any genetic mutations?”
This was also a very antisocial month: people would ask what we were up to, and Mr. Adult Beginner and I would be like, “uh….(don’t say pregnant don’t say pregnant) …nothing?” Also, I got very tired of making fake cocktails at parties or lying about why I wasn’t holding a glass of wine at all times.
I took two weeks off ballet.
Got great results from the CVS.
Huge huge huge sigh of relief, but it also meant that The Shit Just Got Real.
Started telling people and thinking about how to tell Smirnoff.
Which is a whole ‘nother story.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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17 Responses to Adult Beginner, where have you been?

  1. Sarah says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading all about this new development in your life and how it will effect the ballet. Hopefully you’ll be able to keep it going through your pregnancy and still enjoy it once the baby is born. Congrats again and good luck telling Smirnoff!

  2. Congratulations and all the best for the exciting time ahead :) I hope you won’t be confronted with lots of unwanted advice from people who should actually stfu ;)
    I’ve been thinking about this things-you-should-never-ask-women-issue too lately, after spending Easter with my brother-in-law’s family (he’s got two siblings, they’re all married and have two kids each, plus his sister announced her 3rd child will be born in October) and being asked several times “jokingly” when it’ll be my turn or whether I’ll be the one to announce big news next Easter (weird timing – all of the pregnancies in the family have been announced around Christmas or Easter) etc.. I tried to smile and laugh about it, but it actually made me pretty sad not to be at a point in my life where I could have kids. I guess people just aren’t every thoughtful about this issue.
    Anyway – I’m looking forward to hearing how your ballet & baby adventures are continuing! :) Good luck telling Smirnoff!

    • Ugh, that is just never a good question. Especially because it’s always asked in a joking good-natured way, so, like, if you get upset you look like the crazy one. I found that question especially maddening in March, when I knew but couldn’t say yet because so much was still up in the air, and the people asking were nice but I just wanted them out of my bidness. Lying about it seemed like bad luck but I couldn’t tell the truth yet.
      One person at work began to suspect things before I was ready to tell, she asked if I was pregnant and I told her No, just fat.

  3. Oh how wonderful. Not only are you pregnant, but you’re planning a homebirth. awesome. awesome. awesome. I had all 5 of mine natural, the youngest 2 at home–should’ve had them all at home! I’m looking forward to reading about your pregnancy as you write about it. How about wearing your super-cute rhinestone shirt to class and let that serve as an announcement to Smirnoff and your classmates?

    Although I agree one shouldn’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant (unless it’s your best friend or sister), I will say that thinking someone is pregnant doesn’t just have to do with belly size. There’s just a LOOK about a woman–you know the whole glow thing. So me thinks that you are glowing if people are asking you if you are pregnant :)

    • Ha! Well I supposed it might’ve been the glow thing that led her to ask- but seemed like a slightly rude response was the best and maybe only way to throw her off the trail.

  4. lalatina says:

    Oh wow… This was sooo interesting!!! congratulations again and I wish you and Mr Adult Beginner all the best :) I cant wait to read all of the new stories!!!

  5. guyenne says:

    Hah – just ran into this article today about dancing while pregnant:

    One of the prenatal places by me offers bellydancing for birth, and I think there’s at least one other dance program specifically developed for pregnancy.

  6. roriroars says:

    Okay, Adult Beginner… I already thought you were pretty cool and figured that if we were ever to run into each other at a barre (or a bar) we’d have a damn good time. But the whole midwives and home birth thing… yeah, that makes you SUPER AWESOME!!! Seriously… I am a former L&D nurse who is a huge proponent of midwives and natural birth and all that jazz (which explains why I’m a FORMER L&D nurse and not a current one). And if you weren’t on the opposite coast I’d so be high fiving you, dancing around and cheering obnoxiously in your face. You better keep up the blogging, missy, because I want to hear how all this goes for you.

  7. The Zebra Ballerina says:

    Oh but this is such splendid news, congratulations to you & Mr AB!

    Hope you’re able to keep dancing through your pregnancy – someone I take various classes with was taking ballet pretty much up until she went into labour & one of our teachers used to talk to The Baby. Was exceptionally cute hearing things like “that was TERRIBLE, wrong wrong WRONG, all of you – all of you apart from Random Person, Pregnant Lady & The Baby. The Baby was perfect.”. I think he was worried about giving The Baby some kind of inferiority complex…

    Have been in class with people at pretty much all stages of pregnancy & consensus has been pregnancy!ballet FTW, basically. At the same time, for some people keeping dancing isn’t an option so whilst will of course keep my hooves crossed for you also want to say there should be no Guilt if you can’t keep dancing.

    So, baby names…?

  8. Janet says:

    Congratulations to you and Mr. AB! I will keep positive thoughts, vibes, etc., going your way for a pleasant pregnancy and birth.

    As for home birth, I would say “go for it,” but keep an open mind in case anything unusual happens. Stuff can happen, so it may be helpful to be prepared. As disappointing as a change in “the plan” is, the important thing is your health and the baby’s health. Talk with your midwife about what may necessitate a change in “the plan.”

    I would find out which hospital you may need to deliver at (or the baby may need to go to). Take a tour, find out about (and meet) the OB that you may need to see, check out the services/rooms, and find out about what nursery services are provided. A number of Neonatal ICUs (that is where I work) are now “single room” so that you and/or your husband can stay with the baby. If you have choices, try for the best “fit” for you and Mr. AB.

    Finally, you have probably heard that “breast is best.” It is true, mom’s own is the best. Lactation Consultants are a great resource.

    OK now I have interefered in your business enough, and shared too much information. Google/the Internet has a lot of information, but is not the ultimate “source of truth.” A good relationship with your midwifemedical team is a good thing. As for Smirnoff, the person who suggested the rhinestone tee has an excellent idea.

    I hope that you post more as your new experience continues.

    • Thank you for the positive vibes!
      And no worries:
      The midwives require a Back-Up Plan, detailing where we will all go in case of emergency, as part of their contract. They don’t take high-risk clients, and I’m pretty sure not having a back-up plan qualifies as high risk.
      And one good way to keep ones self low risk? Be physically fit and at a good weight before you even start trying, so Thank You Two Years Of Twice-Weekly Ballet!
      And totes on the breast feeding. Totes and word.

  9. yesilikethat says:

    Congratulations! Amazing news! Am loving your transcription of a NZ accent, spot on.

  10. Hahaha you made me laugh very much with this. I am a New Zealander (I also happen to do ballet), and I am currently spending a year abroad for university. In Germany I was good friends with some Canadians and an American, all of whom relentlessly teased me for my accent. All in good fun, of course. I do love your description of it, and I’m sure they would too, if I could figure out how to explain to them that I was reading the blog of a pregnant lady who does ballet….. All the best, and you’ve got yourself a follower!

  11. Whoa! Just catching up here. Congratulations!!! :)

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