Men In (purple) Tights

Really, Pointe Magazine?

Dudes in ballet don’t have a hard enough time already?
You gotta run a feature interview with head-toe-purple?

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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14 Responses to Men In (purple) Tights

  1. chrisgo says:

    Ha, your right. There was a guy in a class I was in a year or so ago who wore purple tights and matching t-shirt just like in the photo. That was bad enough, but let’s be nice and call him a bit stout. I never learned his name but I’ll always remember him as Mr. Plum.

  2. They didn’t even let him wear black or white slipper, either. Pink (/peach) feet for you!

    • Those are not pink/peach slippers, the colour is flesh/tan and standard for male (and female) dancers if your bare legs are exposed. It’s supposed to create an unbroken line of the leg. Black slippers would just not work here, nor would purple. Just saying.. :)

      • kaija24 says:

        Those are my personal favorite color ballet slippers…they do create a nice long line (if your skin is not too white and not too dark…LOL!). I personally loathe and look horrid in pink so tan it is!

  3. Catchip says:

    Ain’t you gals ever seen Polyphonia? See NYCB do Polyphonia. Purple for everybody, just that shade, & it looks great. (“Prof Plum” did make me chuckle, though.)

  4. I really don’t see what the big deal is. The dark plum colour looks great, if somewhat clerical. Anyhow, even if the guy would be wearing ballet pink from head to toes he would stil look seriously strong and masculine. I mean, did you look at those quads?? :)

    • Marie says:

      Agreed. I don’t personally like this kind of purple but otherwise I don’t see anything odd about it…

  5. mladenkoncar says:

    i don’t actually have a problem with this colour.

    after my first anniversary of doing ballet, i tried going to a dancewear shop and getting a unitard but the dangerously pink men section screaming through the display window kept casting paralysis.

  6. Really, you guys?
    It’s Purple!
    I had a My Little Pony that color!
    She was a pretty Pegasus and came with her own comb to comb her purple tail…
    Anyway, more the point: clothes send a message, right?
    We’ve all fretted about what to wear to ballet class to know that’s true-
    In the context of a ballet performance (Polyphonia, good eye, Catchip) a costume sends a particular message when unified with a whole cast, with lights, stage, with all that, whether the costumes make a statement of unity, all one color, or a statement of Other-ness like the black swan tutu.
    When you see this costume alone, taken completely out of context, and placed within the context of a magazine for young girls, a different message is presented than the costume designer intended. It’s up to all of us to interpret that message, but it is no longer one of unity with a stage-full of likewise dressed.
    Which makes me wonder why did the magazine choose this costume (and this message) to feature? I’m glad they’re making an attempt to include the menfolk, but the thing is: the article which features this picture mentions Polyphonia only very briefly, as a step to this dancer’s breakout role: Apollo.
    Why not run a photo of this dude in his Apollo get up?
    Which is probably shirtless.
    Maybe it was deemed too sexy for the magazine’s main subscriber base? So they toned it down and went with the purple instead?

  7. I’m with you on the color purple. Every once in awhile a guy/ gentleman can look great in a purple tie or shirt, but a guy in a shoulder to ankle full-blown screaming purple unitard is outrageous.

    And you’re right about the costume thing too: a man in purple among others can add to the whole effect. Oh yeah, shirlesst Apollo; let’s see THAT dude.

  8. Four-Eyed Ballerina says:

    Meh, I don’t mind the purple…it could be worse; he could be in all ballet pink.

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