But does my ballet teacher like my new shoes?

No he does not!
When I swagger over before class to say hello and give him my money so he can look me over and enter me into his Giant Class Ledger, he is all,
“Good, My Dear, you have new shoes. Let me see the soles!”
I flash a sole.
He’s all, “Oh no, I do not like this kind! You should have bought the full-sole! A full-sole is much better!”
And I’m all, “Really? Full-sole 4-ever?”
(thinking maybe after two years in his class maybe I’d graduated into split-sole territory?)
But he sez, “Yes! Of course forever! This new kind with the split sole, people may like them but all they do is make the work easy, they do nothing to strengthen your foot! Next time, buy your slippers with full soles so you have something to work against, yes?”
So, in your face, pretty split-sole shoes.
But in the meantime, Gentle Reader, I love these new shoes.
They are much much snugger than the old leather ones, and I really feel them hug the arches, as opposed to the old pair that kind of buckled in and out when I pointed, but apparently was giving my foots a much better work-out.
And on an unrelated Studio Floor So Dirty note: after two classes I can already tell which is the left and which is the right just by checking the soles.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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5 Responses to But does my ballet teacher like my new shoes?

  1. Jenna says:

    That last bit made me laugh, because I can tell which shoe is which by the worn-out marks on the end of the toes. My full-sole slippers always seemed to wear out evenly, but the leather of my split-soles is softer, and the big toe area has been devoid of pink paint since their second use. I do love the split-soles for all the same reasons you mentioned. Oddly enough, my teacher prefers them! I think it’s because she can see our arches better.

    Beware, though, of getting too accustomed to not having any grip in the middle of your foot. In my class back on Friday, my teacher asked us to do a centre barre exercise involving lots of chassés that we’re used to doing in our slippers, but we were wearing our pointe shoes, which have (naturally) full soles. Suddenly we couldn’t chassé because we were sticking to the floor!

  2. lalatina says:

    :O Revelation…

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