Standing in the Dance Blog Spotlight with 4dancers

Hey lookit, I’m interviewed over at 4dancers!
You can see it for yourself right here

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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6 Responses to Standing in the Dance Blog Spotlight with 4dancers

  1. Woot! Well, of course you are! I have been reading your blog since February 2010, and it was one of the reasons why I decided to write my own. Your blog makes me relive my beginning days, and it reminds me that you can have your ballet with a healthy dose of laughter on the side. I’m looking forward to many, many more posts!

    ” (..) has an elegant and generous tone that kinda wraps me up in a big cashmere hug” -that’s the loveliest thing anybody has ever written! Thank you! <3

  2. chrisgo says:


    Great interview, great blog, keep up with the great work.
    Yours was the first blog I found and the first one I read.

    Oh, and a heartfelt thank you for the shout out, you rock!

  3. lalatina says:

    Really cool :D

  4. hmm really nice post, i like it and also would like to share on fb

  5. Claire says:

    Great Interview!!! Well done!!!

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