Come Down on purpose

Sometimes while trying to hold a balance, I remember my very first ballet teacher, Sazerac- who I got to have just a few months of class with before she chasséd right outta town and I stumbled into Smirnoff’s class via google map search-
I remember she included a lot of Moments For Balance into her barre (which at my level at that time were on both feet in a relevé fifth and were super difficult, ok?) and remember her always telling us to come down out of the balance on purpose.
Like, telling us to feel when we’re just about to wobble out, and instead of keeling over, just come down gracefully and intentionally with un-hurried arms and a little plié.
And I really like that idea:
Like the “yeah, I meant to do that” feeling of it.
The, “yeah, I know there are six more counts of music for this balance. Whatever. I’m coming down now Totally On Purpose.”
Also like the idea of feeling when you’re about to fall but haven’t fallen yet and can still control your next move.
Feel like this relates to Real Life in some way but I’m too sleepy now.


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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to Come Down on purpose

  1. One of my teachers used to tell us something similar and it’s always helped me; he always told us to not fight to stay up in a balance, but rather to come down with control and then go back up again correctly over and over. When you fight to stay up, your body contorts into an incorrect position and you never learn to do whatever balance in proper form. But if you only let yourself stay up in the correct form, you will train your body to do so. Thought I’d share for helpfulness sake!

    • Oh, I like that: Don’t Fight, Don’t Get Contorted.
      Makes sense, especially considering those times when you go up to balance and you can tell Immediately that it’s not gonna work and you might as well come down, get right, and go back up again.

  2. kaija24 says:

    I had a teacher who said something similar as well…”YOU decide when you come down out of a balance…and if that doesn’t happen make it LOOK like you decided!” :) It also reminds me of cats…how cats will do really dumb/clumsy/whacky things at random but always will walk away with that regal air of “I meant to do that”.

  3. OKAY. I need to work on this. Like kaija24 says. Like a cat. Like “aw heeelllll naw. I did that on purpose, yo! Didn’t you see how awesome my recovery was? SO GOOD.”

  4. loveablestef says:

    I like this and I do think it applies to life beyond dancing too. Good food for thought.

  5. Iris says:

    Brilliant! I am very totally stealing this for my class too. I am always telling them how to get OUT of a move but I haven’t thought to tell them when. Thank you Miz Beginner!

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