Special Homework Assignment

Feeling a little overwhelmed at all the positive response that last post is receiving!
You guys!
So here’s a little study in contrast for ya: Smirnoff’s bag of old tapes with shiny new iPod touch on top.

The update is that there’s not really an update just yet: I have given Smirnoff and Lé Assistant the Special Homework Assignment of making an appointment with the Apple Store. Figure the Genius Bar is up to the task of getting them all explained-up and set-up. Might be a hilarious moment in Genius Bar history.
Hee hee! I gave my teacher homework!


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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5 Responses to Special Homework Assignment

  1. Oh boy would I *love* to be a fly on the wall at the apple store when Smirnoff shuffles in with his cane and new iPod. I hope the staff can help him. I suspect he and his assistant might be passed through a few employees before someone can speak their language and explain how things work in a way that they can understand :)

    When I read your last post, all I could think of was that paper bag breaking and the reels rolling all around and you having to chase them down and wind some of the tape back up. Glad that didn’t happen! I can’t wait to read your posts about Smirnoff using his new iPod during barre. Maybe he’ll choose the wrong song accidentally and start swearing. You or someone else will have to seize the remote away from him to restore order to the warm-up. lol

  2. This may be the best ballet story of the year. A real cliff-hanger, with great human interest. Beats the thrill of reading Sergei Polunin’s crazy Tweets, or following the drama of wafer-thin ballerinas at La Scala.

    While I, too, wrote an ode to the iPod ( http://ballettothepeople.com/2011/10/06/bolero-for-steve-jobs-a-final-reverence/ ) I dream about having the perfect accompanist. A dashing, slightly louche, beret-wearing jazz composer who moonlights as a ballet pianist and who can read my mind. Who thrills the class with a sultry tango for ronds de jambe en l’air.

    Can’t wait to read your next installment.

  3. Le photog says:

    For the first time in history, it’s going to be a genius barre. Beautiful story, can’t wait for the next update!!

  4. Feeling a little discouraged today. Smirnoff and Lé Assistant did not do their Special Homework Assignment yet.

    • O'Fla says:

      Smirnoff and Lé Assistant may still be slightly in awe of this tiny, exquisitely vulnerable-looking apparatus. I am not quite that old (passed 50 a few years ago….) but when I finally bought myself an mp3-player (not even an i-pod) it took me awhile to feel comfortable touching it; it is so small that I was afraid of hurting it. (and when it _does_ freeze up, which it does now and then, I still start to go into a cold sweat)
      I hope Smirnoff and Lé A. do make it to the apple-store and get their courage up to go ahead and try it.
      It was really amazing of you to make this all possible for him!

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