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Used Book Store FTW

Dude, Gentle Reader, check this out: Received this email from Emily the other day, and I thought it was so cool I asked permission to share, and she said yes so here goes: So you know how you find all … Continue reading

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Double Down

Did a double pirouette the other day! Couple of them! It went like this: Before class Smirnoff was all, “My Dear! How are you!” and I was all, “Allergies! Not very good!” and he was all, “Are you dizzy!” and … Continue reading

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Come Down on purpose

Sometimes while trying to hold a balance, I remember my very first ballet teacher, Sazerac- who I got to have just a few months of class with before she chasséd right outta town and I stumbled into Smirnoff’s class via … Continue reading

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Adult Beginner is Two

And since Adult Beginner is now two years old, I would like to say: No! Ok but for realz, here are some celebratory plastic ballerinas!!!!! Yayyyy! We have no cake in the house so instead they are arabesque-ing atop fresh … Continue reading

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Er, whuh?

So, we’re doing the barre, (and Not using the new iPod yet grumble grumble) when Smirnoff presses stop and launches into this long, complicated sounding correction, in Russian, because that’s how he likes to do, he likes to speak everyone’s … Continue reading

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Laundry Day Rainbows

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You’re doing it wrong

Ok so you know how the Adult Beginner works as a pattern-maker, right? And it can be kind of a stressful job, right? There are scary deadlines, there are generally way too many cooks in the kitchen (actor, designer, director, … Continue reading

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