Moar Books!

Moar Books All The Times!!!!!

Ok, at the left hand there, in black with the pink circle, is The Ballet-Student’s Primer, by Kay Ambrose, published 1973 by Knopf, first printed in 1953.
This one is subtitled, “A Concentrated Guide For Beginners Of All Ages”. Lots of illustrations. Also: it’s in pristine condition, aka, whoever owned this first was A Bad Student and did not get primed!!!!
Then there’s one of those Dover reprints, this one’s An elementary treatise upon the theory and practice of the art of dancing, by Carlo Blasis. You know, That Guy. He published it in 1820, in French, in Milan, this one is copyright 1968, Dover Publications. Translated by Mary Stewart Evans. Tucked inside is a flyer from ABT’s San Francisco Opera House 1973 performances. They did Rodeo. Mr. Adult Beginner has said more than once that he would really like to see Rodeo. We will have to go back in time.
Then the blue one, The Dance by Troy and Margaret West Kinney 1935, Tudor Publishing, originally published in 1914. Subtitled, “It’s Place It Art And Life”, this one seems to be a history and ‘let’s explore the traditional dances of all cultures’ type thing. Lots of photos in ballet and traditional costume!!!!
Then the big ‘un, Ballet Russes by Richard Shead, copyright 1989, Quatro Publishing. This one’s just a big ol’ picture book. Full of Big, Old, Gorgeous Pictures.
Grand total for all these treasures? $19.54.
Love me some used book store.

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to Moar Books!

  1. bibliopirate says:

    Always room for “moar” books.

  2. chrisgo says:

    Some days I get home, fire up the laptop all ready to blog about sumpthin’ and I find that one of my regular reads had just posted nearly the same thing I was all ready to blog bout.
    Looks like today it was you Ms Adult Beginner. I too hit up the used book store, as is my normal routine after my Saturday morning class, and got myself somoar ballet books as well.
    I found both The Ballet-Lover’s Companion: A Guide To Practical Aesthetics and The Ballet-Lover’s Pocket-Book: Technique Without Tears for the Ballet-Lover both by Kay Ambrose, whoever she is.
    They are both quite old, with a really cool old-school vibe, and quirky illustrations. Go figure their copyrights are both from 1945. My total, $8.58.
    Gotta keep my eyes out for what you found.

  3. Janet says:

    Rodeo is a really fun ballet. I will email you when (and if) SF Ballet schedules a performance. I do not think that it is on the schedule this year. Season just started, and runs until the beginning of May.

    • That would be great, thank you!
      Also, I kinda just want to shout from the rooftops, “Attention All Ballet Companies! A man, between the ages of 18 and 46 (or whatever that demographic is that everyone wants to capitalize upon) has volunteered an interest in seeing this ballet! With no prompting! Get On This Goldmine!”

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