Purple tights, argyle, and reebok

Realizing that I need to really get real with my footwear. Not my dance slippers but the everyday, stand-at-a-table-all-day-long footwear.
Which is kind of a bummer because I so wish I could be a chic-little-ballet-flats-to-work kinda girl.
But needing to save the feets for actually doing ballet apparently means I don’t get to be that girl.
Which is why the Adult Beginner is sporting this look today



About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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12 Responses to Purple tights, argyle, and reebok

  1. Janet says:


  2. chrisgo says:

    I doubt if I could pull off that look at work.

  3. Nellie Dean says:

    I have a pair of absurd little ballet flats solely for meandering about the office in (they live in a desk drawer), invariably I get up to go and make myself a brew and wind up walking off without my shoes. Jolly impractical…

    Loving the look!

  4. Ashley says:

    My black basic ballet flats for everything are Crocs. Seriously. Talk about super comfy when you have to stand up all day.


    • Yes! My summer shoes are the Prima crocs. Not so good for winter though: too cold without tights, too hot and sweaty with tights, waaaay too dorky-looking with socks.
      Know what’s funny? When I saw that your link includes the word “bling” I was totally expecting and dreading those bizarre charm things that people put in the holes on crocs. Shudder!

      • Ashley says:

        I’m in NC and wear the crocs all year. My feet honestly get super hot in them so they’re fine for winter to me even with the snow.

  5. Shoes with that much support are actually bad for your feet. Ballet flats would be better. The less support, the better…Sneaker companies would have us believe otherwise but they are wrong. Shoes with thick support under the heal, in particular, cause a ton of issues.

    Read the biomechanics expert, Katy, and she will change your dancing life. :)

    Here is her blog: http://www.alignedandwell.com/?p=1571&option=com_wordpress&Itemid=223

    And if you’re really interested in knowing more about your feet, read Born to Run. It’s about running, obviously, but the information in there is amazing.

    • YogiDancer says:

      That article was seriously really interesting and informative.

      If you go the barefoot / minimal support route, you can work your way towards being able to wear these beautiful shoes that are the height of fashion!

    • It’s funny, bought this pair specifically because they are so much more flexible, less structured, and lighter-weight than my last pair of (New Balance) running shoes, which are practically like hiking boots in comparison.
      But yeah, I see what you mean. The Adult Beginner is totally interested in keeping the feet happy so they can do other things, especially after one of those days where I think even the fatigue mat I stand on is fatigued. Thank you for the link

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