Epic Winning!

I won!
I won I won!
Hee! Ok well not the whole thing. Don’t get to wear the Top Dance Blog Blogging Crown.
But Adult Beginner did win the Adult Dancer category, so Imma just go ahead and put on this Sparkly Blogging Barrette.
High-five to my category competitors, Dave Tries Ballet and Born Again Dancer. Good game, guys, good game.
If you wanna you can look over here to see the Top Twenty (Adult Beginner made number 7 whuut? Dudes, up from 13?! Whuuut?) and all the awesome category winners.
And most of all, cheers to you, Gentle Reader! Thank you for voting! Soon I’ll have a fancy new badge to show off in the sidebar! Wheeee!


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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10 Responses to Epic Winning!

  1. lalatina says:

    That’s awesome :D Congrats!!!

  2. emilia says:

    The best winner!
    Congrats from Italy!

  3. Congrats again, Adult Beginner!!! You rock! ^^

  4. a says:

    Yeah! Great job!

  5. mladen says:

    proud to be your reader!

  6. Nellie Dean says:

    Hurrah, huzzah and indeed hooray for you!

  7. Bernhard says:


  8. Well done, Adult Beginner! Happy to “meet” you and look forward to more about your ballet journey.

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