Bizzaro World

Ok, so, um, Smirnoff used the phrase “grodie to the max” in class the other day.
Just thought you should know.


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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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6 Responses to Bizzaro World

  1. Thea Murray says:

    oh my goodness its so funny to me when old people try to use colloquialisms outside of their generation! I saw my dad totally try to chest bump someone the other day…so painfully awkward.

    • Yes! So hilarious!
      Hope your dad’s ok after that attempted chest bump.

      • O'Fla says:

        hokay, so – what is a chest-bump? (I know “fist bump”, but “chest bump”? Sounds as if only the very flexible and strong could manage it without getting hurt)

        • Oh please tell me this is not just an American Thing ’cause that would just be Embarrassing.
          Anyway, here’s how: two dudes in a celebratory mood leap directly at each other, with their arms back or out to the sides, and bump chests in the air. Kinda like a high-five. But with your chest.
          Ladies do not chest bump for obvious reasons.

          • O'Fla says:

            Ah, thanks. :)
            So, it is done offstage, too?
            Some of the young men I teach have included this in a choreography, but I did not know it was done in “real life” as well.

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