Top Dance Blogs 2011! Let’s do this thing!

Gentle Reader, do you see that number 13 over there on the right in the side bar?
The Adult Beginner is a big fan of that number 13.
You earned it for me last year with your votes, and that is Totally Totally Awesome.
But what’s this?
Nichelle of Dance Advantage is At It Again, whuuuut!
It’s 2011 Top Dance Blogs time!
So let’s DO this thing!
Here’s the deets:
Step 1.
If you think Adult Beginner is a Top Dance Blog, and deserving of all the Glamour and Bragging rights, plus the Fancy New Number that comes along with being a 2011 Top Dance Blog, please leave a comment here on this post. One comment per voter. If you’ve been wanting to give feedback or request more posts about Thing X or tell me my hair looks fabulous today, here’s your chance. Also, I cannot respond to your comments on this one. There are rules, people!
On December 20th, all the votes will be tallied, and there’ll be a-
Step 2.
-second vote! For each category (I’m shooting for the Adult Dancer category) and for the Big Fat Winner of Top Dance Blog 2011.
Who henceforth gets to wear a crown while blogging.
Right? I think that’s in the small print somewhere?
Anyway, that second vote will be open from December 27-30th, and it’ll take place at DanceAdvantage. I’ll put up a link to the voting, dontcha worry.
If you’d like more info about the contest, here’s a link to the Dance Advantage post where Nichelle breaks it down.
Thank you, and high-five!

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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70 Responses to Top Dance Blogs 2011! Let’s do this thing!

  1. Caitlyn says:

    Go you! Also, I will be downing some pepper and vodka when I get home thanks to your blog. :) For a cold, of course, not recreationally.

  2. Mer says:

    Your blog makes me miss ballet terribly…and also restores my hope that someday I might get to dance again :)

  3. chrisgo says:

    Lets make it 53 responses. You have my vote Mrs Beginner.

  4. O'Fla says:

    I thoroughly enjoy this blog.

  5. Laura says:

    Yes, you deserve a blogging crown!

  6. hazel says:

    As a first time adult beginner how could I vote for anyone else! good luck!

  7. Lisa says:

    Of course the adult beginner wins in my book. You blog frequently, and answer reader qustions and are super entertaining!

  8. June says:

    Your blog actually tipped the scale in favour of taking adult ballet lessons. Your blog is fun, frank and embraces all things that may be considered “frivolous” but often weigh heavily on the minds of beginners to be! You got my vote!

  9. Synthetic says:

    Love your blog! Your blog has taught me that one of the first things I need to have as an adult beginner is some sense of humor.

  10. Maria says:

    I can’t remember if I voted for you already?? If so, you can just disregard this vote, if not…You have my vote! :) I always LOL when I read your blog and my husband looks at me all strange. I just love it and thanks for making me LOL!

  11. Melia Moore says:

    Here is my VOTE! aaaannnnddd done. : ) way to go grill !!

  12. Acacia says:

    Babe, you totally rock and should totally be #1! You are the one who introduced me to the adult ballet blogging world and people come to my blog from you more than anywhere else.

  13. Adrienne says:

    So, I’m a closet reader of yours but now need to come out as I want to vote for you! Also an adult beginner and hooked on your posts. Go, girl!

  14. Dance Reader says:

    Good Luck with the contest! Love your blog! Dance Reader :)

  15. Trinks says:

    Holiday gift to you is my vote :)

  16. Love this blog! Just wish I had some adults like you in my classes. We would probably never dance though. Just talk talk.

  17. Hi, as promised, I absolutely wanted to vote for you! You motivate adults, beginners and re-beginners as me, with a lot of humor, keep going, I enjoy your posts soo much, they make me laugh out loud at times! Oh and, thanks for the mirliton mention ;-)

  18. Hope we’re still on time! 2 votes, one from each Bag Lady :)

  19. Emily says:

    I hope I’m not too late!! Been following for a while and figured this is a worthy first comment. You’ve got my vote!!

  20. Wha! You guys totally got Adult Beginner into the top twenty!
    Ok now comes the hard part: Round Two
    Round two voting happens at Dance Advantage, here’s a link
    Thanks! High fives!

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