Quick post while the Mother In Law is out

This is my morning routine:
Get up, brush teeth, stumble out to kitchen, pour water into french press to measure exact amount of water, then pour that water into teapot, put teapot on to boil, put coffee and cocoa in press pot, grab iPad and look at twitter while water boils.
Never boil more water than needed. Never waste the energy/time.
Kiss husband, curl up in bowl chair and maybe knock out a quick blog post before work, while I drink my yummy coffee and nom on some salty peanuts.
Aw yeah.
This is my morning routine now that my Mother-In-Law is visiting:
Day 1. Get up, brush teeth, stumble out to kitchen, realize that I’m not alone.
Of course I’m not alone, she’s been up for hours!
Old people are weird that way!
Teapot’s already completely full, because she drinks tea, but water’s already hot, so it doesn’t take long to boil, so that’s cool…just gives me more time to chat with my MIL while getting out my coffee stuff and realizing I’m not wearing a bra under my T-shirt. Feeling awkward! She’s watching my every coffee-making move and talktalktalking. She’s a talker, this one. I’m getting my mug, getting my iPad, and finally giving in to the fact that I will never get a moments peace. No blogging for you, Adult Beginner!
Aw no!
Day 2. Get up, brush teeth, get Fully Dressed. Walk out to the kitchen. She’s there. My coffee stuff is all laid out for me. Press pot, my special mug that’s just for me, even the cocoa box. This is very sweet. Talktalktalktalk.
No blogging for you, Adult Beginner!
Day 3. Get up brush teeth get dressed, walk out into kitchen, she’s there.
Coffee stuff at the ready.
Indulge in a stupid and pointless Moment Of Childish Rebellion by putting away the coffee stuff and instead having a smoothie!
This Totally! Fails! as it instead leads to a discussion of why am I eating something different today, and what is it that I am eating, and how she hates both peanut butter and bananas and how smoothies look like the exorcist, but, like, if I like them that’s cool.
No blogging for you, Adult Beginner!
Ok so I know this is toooootally a First World Problem.
“oh noes, I can’t talk to my imaginary friends in space! My mother in law keeps bothering me with love, hugs, help, and attempts to streamline my morning routine! Life is teh unfairs!”
I know, I know. I’ve totally won the Mother In Law lottery: she loves me, unreservedly, just because I’m in love with her son. And might someday make her a grandbaby. And she’s from another country and Doesn’t Visit Often. She really is the best.
But she is seriously putting a hitch in my get-a-long, you guys!
Because I’ve been wanting to tell you this:
I have this awesome friend who is always doing cool stuff, and she sent a note to me and my other awesome friend who is always doing cool stuff, about how some of the AMC theaters around town are showing the NYCB Nutcracker. She said she read on A Certain Blog that it’s the one to see.
So I’m totally excited to see it on the big screen, plus: Something To Entertain The MIL!
High-fives all around!!!
So I buy tickets, am totally hyped, right? Day Of The Show I totally figure out that I totally read the date totally wrong, it’s totally not until way after the MIL is gone, I have extra tickets plus am a dork.
I give the tickets away. I’m still a dork.
But in other news, Gentle Reader, check with your awesome friends who are always doing cool stuff, they may have a lead on this whole Ballet In The Movie Theater thing.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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6 Responses to Quick post while the Mother In Law is out

  1. Kaija says:

    LMFAO! Your MIL sounds almost exactly like mine :) I recognize this scenario and feel the same ambivalence (“she’s being so nice and being a helpful guest…but…I will be glad to have my morning routine back!”). Some things are universal? Thanks for the early a.m. chuckle (as I sit here with my coffee and laptop!).

    • Kaija says:

      PS. My dear partner and I had a hilariously immature chat while last preparing for family visits involving Now We Will Have to Wear Pants/A Bra and Close The Bathroom Door (instead of leaving it open while yelling your ongoing contributions to a conversation that began before someone had to pee) and Put Away The Pile of Shoes in the Entry…makes you realize what a unique little routine you build at home :)

  2. William Ward says:

    I thought you might find this mildly interesting – I live around the corner from the NYCB at Lincoln Center, and I walk home by Lincoln Center everyday – I’m also an adult beginner…
    So the Nutcracker is being broadcast in HDTV, and on the way home from work, I walk by the HDTV broadcast truck that takes the Nutcracker from the stage, to the screen… Here are a couple photos of where it call begins:
    http://flic.kr/p/aT3mWR, http://flic.kr/p/aP3XEK

    And yes, I am inspired to dance everytime I walk by Balanchine’s cathedral. :)

  3. O'Fla says:

    This was so funny! As a mother who may someday be a MIL, I will make a mental note of this. :)

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