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Three French Hens

Look, see? The hens are French. PS have you clicked the vote button over here at the Top Dance Blogs 2011 contest? It’s fun, Almost like a real button! Plus you can view the results! Oh!

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Four Calling Birds

According to wikipedia its really “colly birds” not “calling birds”. A colly bird is apparently an olde timey way to call a black bird. What evs!!!!! These four have iPhones!!!!!!

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Five Gold Rings!

Have learned to do all my pencil drawing in the second layer, leaving the first layer blank so I can go back and color it if I want. Which I didn’t here. Although I tried! Tried a black background, tried … Continue reading

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Bizzaro World

Ok, so, um, Smirnoff used the phrase “grodie to the max” in class the other day. Just thought you should know.

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Six Geese a-Laying

PS, while you’re here, why not jeté over to Dance Advantage and cast your votes in the Top Dance Blogs 2011 competition?

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Voting is fun! Top Dance Blogs are Fun!

Dude, Gentle Reader! You didn’t just get this blog into the top twenty, you landed Adult Beginner at number four out of thirty-two dance blogs! Whuuuuuut! High-fives all around! You guys totally kicked Round 1’s ass! Really really awesome to … Continue reading

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Certain ballet studio floors could really use a mop.

No srsly. Hope the cleaning staff is having the best vacation evar.

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