Scottish Ballet Book

Ok so one day, I’m on twitter, totally minding my own business,
(which, of course, on the twitter means being all up in everyone else’s business, but whatevs)
When I get this direct message from Ann, otherwise known as @girlinthecityG, otherwise known as She Who Arches A Boldly Quizzical Brow At The World from her style blog, girlinthecityGlasgow. DM says she wants to send me something from the Scottish Ballet.
I’m like, Hells Yes!
DM asks for my address.
I’m like, oooooooh.
Mr. Adult Beginner is like, “what’s the problem? Give her the address.”
And I’m like, “No way man. Axe Murderers.”
And he’s like, “Um, are you worried that this girl is an axe murderer?”
And I’m like, “No! Of course not! But everybody knows the Internet is full of axe murderers. What if her account gets hacked? By Axe Murderers? And then they come and hack me! With their axes! Ha! See what I did there?!”
And he is like, “um, you are ridiculous.”
And I’m like, “Uh-huh. We’ll see who is ridiculous when I don’t get axe murdered.”
And then I ring my friend Hey Mr. DJ and tell him to be looking out for a package for me from the Scottish Ballet.
So, couple weeks later, I cruise on over to Hey Mr. DJ’s place, and he’s like,
“Oh, hey, what was that dorky fake name you told me the package would be addressed to?”
And I was like, “Ahem! Not Dorky! Adele Beginner is a very clever fake name!”
And he was like, “Yeah whatever it came today but I forgot it was you and I told the postman to return it.”
And I’m like, “gasp!”
And he’s like, “lemme run out and see if the postman is still in the neighborhood.”
So he runs off. And in a minute he’s back. With a package!
And he’s like, “So, why is the Scottish Ballet sending you stuff anyway?”
And I’m like, “well its not like from the whole ballet, it’s from a friend,”
And he’s like, “your girlfriend?”
And I’m like, “no, what are you, twelve? She’s a friend from twitter.”
And he’s like, “oh, your tweeter-stalker.”
And I’m like, “omygawd you Are twelve! You don’t even know what twitter is! Gimme that package!”
And then I tear it open and it’s this beautiful book, ScottishBallet forty years.
It’s truly gorgeous.
Lots of pictures from now, and from early years in the ’70’s, which are always fun because of the hella make-up.
Have an older friend who likes to point out that the ’70’s were a wonderful time because any plain girl could be beautiful, there was no limit to the amount of make-up one could wear and still look not-crazy.
Anyway, guess the moral of this story should be that The Adult Beginner should get a post office box or something, except that I looked into it and they are like somewhat expensive! Shuh!
But the real point of this story is a big Thank You to Ann for the book.
High-five, girlfriend!


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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11 Responses to Scottish Ballet Book

  1. I can vouch for the fact she most definitely is not an axe murderer. Her nails are much too nice

  2. Janet says:

    Nice Book. She does not seem to be an axe murderer. Could you have given her Mr ABs work address? Or your ballet studio address? Of course, Smirnoff might poach the package …. Enjoy your new book.

    • Wait wait wait- Are you suggesting I might have behaved in a more rational manner? Have you been talking to Mr. Adult Beginner??!

      • Janet says:

        No! I understand your Axe Murderer line of reasoning. At least you had an alternate address and a good alias. I would need to hand over the money for a PO Box. Then our friendly Feds would think that the package was suspect and you can imagine what would happen then ….

  3. guyenne says:

    The most frustrating thing about PO Boxes for me has been that they require you to give them a physical mailing address in the local area. This truly sucks when moving and trying to change your address before you know where you’ll be living. UPS store mail boxes are much nicer that way.

  4. Yvonne says:

    Oo i want someone to send me a book, too <3
    Did you know that it is really hard to find a book about ballet here? (don't even think of one IN GERMAN) I went to every bookstore and there was not a single ballet book!
    But thats another story. It's pretty cool she sent you the book!

    • It’s really really cool!!!!!!!!
      But wait- really? There are no ballet books in your bookstores? That is teh strange. I mean, I’ve heard it’s nearly impossible to find salsa in Germany but ballet books?! How about the library? Used bookstore? Guess there’s always amazon. Dang.

  5. Yvonne says:

    Yes really. Going to check the new bookstore soon. Maybe there. Yes Amazon :) But Id really like to have a look into a book before I buy it.

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