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ballet homework: watch the tv.

End of class, we’ve done the reverénce, Smirnoff sez, “Ladies, before you leave, I would like to tell you something important.” We all look at each other like Uh-Oh and gather around. He sez, “The New York City Ballet will … Continue reading

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A Wall of Warped Mirrors: the great equalizer

Ok so we’re all lined up at the barre, waiting for class to start, and one of the girls is staring in the mirror, stepping this way a little, that way a little, back this way a little… And the … Continue reading

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Fear. The other eff word.

Was just thinking about pointe class, and how maybe it’s ok that it’s, like, temporarily defunct. Because this way The Ankle will be fully, 100%, no questions healed by the time pointe starts up again, And pointe will start up … Continue reading

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Big Red Triangle Nose

Another thing from The Box This from my Costume Rendering Class in college, taught by this crazy awesome old Italian dude. He was blind. No seriously, he had, like, major eye surgery during the summer, told us all about it … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, Fatties!

No ballet class tomorrow. Because we will be busy eating All The Foods. End of class, Smirnoff reminds us that the Saturday class is still on. And then he shoots all of us weeknight girls a Very Stern Look and … Continue reading

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Double Snaps

So we’re doing this thing as part of a center combination. It’s like you beat your pointed toe in passé, if that makes any sense? Didn’t catch the name of the thing, boloné? balloté? baloney? but Smirnoff describes it as, … Continue reading

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An evening with the Ballet Russe

Omg, Gentle Reader, did you know there is a cocktail that is actually called a Ballet Russe? I did not know this! Until last night! When Mr. Adult Beginner handed me this gorgeous deep dark colored thing and said, “This … Continue reading

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