Let’s trade!

Ok so way back when I bought my ballet slippers, which you can read about here if you wanna, I asked the sales lady if the slippers have a left and a right? And she was like, No, ya big dummy!
So I took that totally literally and figured that ballet slippers are like socks, you just put whichever shoe you grab first on whichever foot you grab first. After a minute they started showing some wear in the big toe department, so I had this brilliant idea to make them last longer by intentionally switching right and left each class.
I’m so cleverrrrrrrr!
And, well, it’s kinda worked, because coming up on two years now and no holes, but, you know, I was looking at my slippers, and looking at my classmates’ slippers, and suddenly occured to me, Well duh, ya big dummy, if I had chosen a left and right the damned things would’ve shaped themselves to my feet over time, and that would’ve been nice. Nicer than the slightly baggy fit they’re sporting now. But no holes, even in the (now dual) big toe department.
So….when in doubt, ask Twitter!
So I asked twitter:

Hey ballet people: do you mark your soft slippers left and right? Or just wear them any which-a-way?

The massive majority of answers were in the Mark Them camp and the You Don’t Have To Mark Them, You Just Know camp. Which answered the underlying question of Same Foot Same Shoe in the totally affirmative. Way at the end I got a few, Meh Whichever Foot answers. When I mentioned this to Mr. Adult Beginner he was like, “well yeah, the other people answered first because they actually have an opinion.” Ha!
Meanwhile, caught some mention of a free ballet slipper offer. From Capezio. Went and looked on their website, it says the offer ended October 1st. Asked google if the offer had been extended, couple different hits said yes, until November 1st. Checked the website again, still says it ended October 1st.
But it also said that you cannot request color or style, so the shoe would be a surprise, which is like my Favorite! Thing! so I gave it a shot. $4.95 shipping fee, what the heck. Shipping form asks for your adult shoe size, so I told it 7 1/2, finished up, hit submit, immediately whacked myself on the forehead and was like, “No, ya big dummy! Capezio doesn’t care about your street shoe! They meant dance shoe size!”
Quickly ordered another pair in a 5w, which is my Bloch ballet slipper size. Which I can just barely see under all the dirt.
And then figured either 1: I’d get an email saying Ha Ha, Too slow, Offer is Over, Loser. Or B: I’d get two pairs of shoes, one of which might fit, it three weeks.
Instead I got Option The Third: two pairs of slipper arrived yesterday, like, less than a week after my order. And they are Gorgeous, Gentle Reader! Nothing I would’ve chosen on my own. Pale pink canvas, split leather sole, criss-cross elastic, neat top stitching detail at the center front, called Pro Canvas, in a size 8.5m and a 6w.
8.5m fits like a frikin dream. Like, I have never seen anything dreamier on my feet. Except maybe my pointes. And my other slippers, which I still love.
Here’s the (link now closed), go get a pair before November 1st. I’ll remove this link once the offer is really for reals done. and yes, apparently they are asking for street shoe size after all.
But in the meantime, I have a pair of really beautiful teeny tiny size 6w pale pink Pro-Canvas split sole shoes. Is this your size, Gentle Reader? Let’s trade!
I will send you these lovelies in exchange for something cool. Like, a ballet book I don’t own. Or something you make. The Adult Beginner doesn’t knit or crochet, so those are very exotic in my mind. No food though, what, are you trying to make me fat? Keep in mind if you are outside of the United States you will need to up the cool-factor of your trade to off-set shipping.
Interested in trading? Lemme know in a comment!
And if that’s not your size or you hate trading, quickly go order your free pair before they wise up.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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42 Responses to Let’s trade!

  1. Stacy says:

    Thanks for posting this! I just went to the site and “ordered” it :)
    & love your blog! I started ballet at 25 and it’s been a few months. Totally love it! I was looking for something that’s fun and good exercise. Like you, I got bored of the downward dogs. I get bored running, too. But with ballet, you have no time to get bored because you’re concentrating so much! (I felt like that Kaiser Permanent commercial where the woman finally figures out what she likes after trying crazy workout machines, diet supplements, pole dancing, etc lol)

  2. Amanda says:

    Sadface. I have big feet and my street shoe size is a 9-10. No “free” Capezio slippers for me :-(

  3. Anna - fromVIEtoCPH says:

    I wish Capezio Europe had a giveaway like that too!

  4. Andre says:

    I have another option: different sized left and right shoes, but that’s because my left foot is a half size smaller, so I buy 2 pairs, one pair each of the different sizes, and mix-and-match. It’s easy to tell even when the labels wear out because for some reason the smaller one has a grey sole and the bigger one has a brown sole. even though they’re both Sansha Pros.

    I’ve also done the swap ’em when the big toe is waving trick, and it works OK, but the shoe is pretty much going downhill at that point, and doesn’t last much longer.

  5. I am so happy! Like… FREE ballet slippers? And a surprise? Can it be more amazing?
    Gonna order them right now! =D
    Oh wait. Only for the US. Nooooooooooo!

    PS: Still, I loved your post, as always. Oh and those slippers look super pretty!! =D

  6. Yvonne says:

    I wish they would ship to Germany too… Your new ones look very beautiful!
    I have a left and a right slipper, too since I asked my teacher about it. But I didn’t want to mark them, I see the difference without marks :)

  7. Ok but who wants to trade!
    I looked up a shoe size conversion table:
    The size 6W Capezios are the equivalent of a size 5wide street shoe in the US and Canada, size 5wide Australia, Europe size 37wide, Japan size 22.5wide, UK size 4wide, Russia and Ukraine size 35wide, Korea size 238wide.
    I know there are other countries and regions in the world, but that’s all the chart said.
    If nobody wants them I’m just gonna chuck ’em in the LA river!
    (ok maybe not. That would be very bad. The Adult Beginner is not a litter-bug)

  8. Ooooh!oh! I’m a 6! And I can knit and make jewelry and do some cool things!

  9. Yvonne says:

    Unfortunately I’m a six, too. If nobody wants them, sell them on ebay :)

    • I, what? No forget eBay! I want to send them to a reader! Thats the whole point of the trade! And that reader could’ve been you! Girl, why didn’t you say you wear a six?
      Big Silly!
      Hee hee!

  10. roriroars says:

    OMG, they sent me a ProCanvas in size 8.5, tooooooo!!! So clearly, my feet are the same size as yours so no tradeseys, sad, because I would totally knit something for you. I have a whole book of ballet-themed crafts that I’m itching to try.

    But I’m glad you discovered the Capezio give-away. I saw an ad for it in, was it my September issue of Dance Magazine? Yes, something like that. Totally didn’t believe that I’d actually get shoes. Not sure when I’ll use them. I’m kind of addicted to my Bloch Pumps, but always good to have a backup pair. And if I decide not to use them I can always drop them in the slipper exchange box at the studio and someone will be all excited about scoring a brand new pair of shoes from the used bucket. I already dropped one pair of brand new shoes in there (I felt guilted into buying them even though I knew I hated them).

    • Anna - fromVIEtoCPH says:

      a whole book of ballet-themed crafts! Now that sounds pretty exciting :) can you tell me what book it is? Knitting and crocheting are just nice activities to keep my fingers busy while I’m studying for my exams…

      • roriroars says:

        It’s called (get this)… “The Dancer’s Book of Ballet Crafts” by Christina Aleta Haskin.

        I think it’s kind of geared towards kiddos, but there are some cute crafty things that would totally work for adults… leg warmers, bun covers, warm-up clothes, etc.

  11. Lisa says:

    I’m another big foot who can’t get the free shoes. Oh well. Thanks for the tip though.

  12. Kaija says:

    Thanks for the great heads-up on the free shoes! I ordered a pair for me and one for my mom, who is talking about trying a ballet class again after taking classes in her girlhood :) I love the “grab bag” anticipation of wondering just what exactly will be coming in the mail!

    FWIW, I don’t have to mark my L and R shoes because my feet are quite tapered (Egyptian foot type) and my shoes quickly conform to the individual feet to the point where I can tell just by looking at them (and the scuff and dirt and wear marks!) which is which :)

  13. Bippidee says:


    This is a completely non-post related comment. Oh, except my slippers do have a left and a right, which I used to tell by a little L and R written inside them (I gave up writing on the sole – it wore off/got covered in grime too fast) but now I have an even better way because one of my elastics came unstitched about 6 months ago, on one side, so I put a mini safety pin in as an emergency measure, and never actually got around to stitching it back in, therefore mini safety pin = left foot. I am starting to wonder why I don’t just mini safety pin everything in the future – what a time saver!

    Anyway, back to my original point. Just wanted to say I found your blog a few days ago, I can’t even remember how, and have since read the whole thing from the start and am totally addicted now. I am not an adult beginner – I started dancing when I was little, but I had such awful teaching until I was 16, that I consider that the time I actually started. For example, I had been doing ballet for 13 years by that time, and never once stretched. There is something so incredibly wrong with that! Am now 25. My pointe work is beyond terrible, but I get told off if I complain to anyone about it, because it is due to pretty banana feet, so nobody cares my feet are totally impractical because they look good. So basically ballet is a bit like fashion – impractical but pretty is good it seems? Did you ever manage to get your pointe class up and running again? You have made me want to come to the US, purely to take classes with Smirnoff. Or maybe Russia. Somewhere where I can find an old Russian teacher anyway. There must be some in the UK I guess? It’s really interesting to see what you have been doing as a beginner – I am RAD trained, and things you learnt very early on (chaine-nays for example) are considered advanced in RAD – you don’t do them until Advanced 1, which for comparison is also when you have to do 8 fouette turns (not en pointe) so they are really considered quite hard, so I was really interested to see how early you did them. Same with penches – they come in at the same level – before that it is normal arabesques. But double pirouettes. Confusing huh?

    This comment wasn’t supposed to be an essay…… Ignore the rest and pretend I just said hi, I love your blog, which was the intention!


    • You know, it’s funny, just the other day Mr. Adult Beginner was asking me how does Smirnoff decide what to teach next and I was just like I Have No Idea.
      Except that every now and then he’ll be like, “Ladies, winter is coming, it’s time to work on our flic-flacs again.” I have no idea what relationship there is between winter and flic-flacs, but as long as the man has a plan…
      Pointe class has not started up again! Boooooooo!
      Funny about the pretty banana feet! Imagine that must be like complaining about how your hair is just too shiny and gorgeous all the time and your friends are just like Oh shut it.
      Also, Girl, sew your elastic already! Those mini safety pins are not manufactured to ballet standards! They can become right un-safe right quick!

      • Bippidee says:

        Awww but it seems to be doing such a good job – it has been there for months and I instantly know which shoe is which. My shoes are so disgustingly dirty they are a bit embarrassing though – I have some new ones, but I haven’t bothered to sew the elastics on yet…. Are you sensing a theme here?!

        Well it is a bit like the hair thing actually, and the funny thing is my hair is dead straight etc, so I have sometimes complained about it being too straight and not being able to do anything with it, and being told to shut up because everyone else straightens theirs and mine is like it naturally. But it is short now so I no longer bother with that conversation. But banana feet do genuinely make pointe work a nightmare – they are so weak compared to sensible feet. But they do make people gasp in awe and admiration, which makes me feet quite smug, despite having nothing to do with them really. I always feet a bit sorry for my feet, because if they had belonged to someone else they could totally have been professional. Poor feet.

        I like the correlation between winter and flic flacs! I am an RAD girl so have never done a flic flac – I had to google what it was when I saw your write about it. Also, when you talked about battu a few posts ago, is that what I would call petit battement sur la coup de pied (well – I wouldn’t actually call it that, but that would be the official name – bit like how lame ducks are officially pose pirouettes en dehors but everyone calls them lame ducks – sometimes life is just too short for these official ballet names!). I like seeing how different methods teach etc. And if it is any consolation I have been dancing for years and still can’t do decent chaine-nay turns. Although adding the nay in my head might help. Stranger things have happened.

  14. Oh those are the pair I use for one of my classes! (at Scottish Ballet, which has floors which don’t make you slip all over the place). I have a few other pairs for other classes with different floors. The only thing I find with those is balancing on demi on one foot is hard, as I find the leather sole a bit bulky and I wobble loads when I wear them. But my balance is tenuous at best.

  15. Grace Kwong says:

    Thank you, Adult Beginner. I have been reading your blog for 3 months now. My first post – a big thank you for sharing the Capezio free slippers. I sent for mine the last week of October and received my free pair in less than a week. I’m so happy. Please keep up the fun reads on your blog.

  16. How do I thank thee? This is wonderful! After several agonizing minutes searching for conversion and sizing charts for capezio I re-read your post and just ordered my own street shoe size. It said it went through!!! AND it’s November 2nd!

    • Awesome!
      I just checked again, and they are no longer offering 7.5, but all the smaller sizes are still listed.
      Wonder if they’ll just keep the offer going until they give away all the shoes?

  17. Anony Mouse says:

    Am I too late? Did you find an exchange buddy for the slippers?! I’m a six 6, an adult beginner, super crafty and full of great exchange ideas if they’re still available!! Lemme know!

  18. For the record, the deal is STILL on, I just signed up for mine (I’m an adult beginner as well and this will be my third pair of slippers…I may have a problem). Thanks for the heads up!

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