Battu You

We’ve been doing this new barre combo lately that sneaks some battu in with tendu battements.
They seriously do sneak up. And they’re fast. I’m always like, “whut? Aw crap battus!” and then they’re like over before I caught up.
So, after that combo one girl says, “um, will you explain battu again?”
So Smirnoff says, “Yes. You are on relevé…go on, (so she goes up on the ball of her left foot) and with your other foot, pointed, knee bent, you taptaptaptap the underside of your toe on the underside of the standing heel. Keep your heel forward! The heel of your working foot! Should be in front of the toe.”
And she’s like, “and the thigh never moves?”
And he says, “no. The work comes from inside the knee (hamstring?) the thigh is quiet.”
So she’s like, “but, this is hard! How can we get fast at this?!
And Smirnoff says, “By practicing every day. Every day! While you are brushing your teeth you must battu-”
And he has to stop here because the whole class explodes into laughter and starts doing impressions of, like, battu-ing with the feet while the tooth-brushing hand get distracted and starts crazy brushing all over the face, like trying to rub your tummy and pat your head.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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22 Responses to Battu You

  1. Actually… I battu while brushing my teeth and while cooking! I must be crazy. LOL.

  2. lols! Sounds kinda like these advance foundation foot circles we did in class. You hold your leg to the side and keeping the thigh still your do circles with your pointed foot. Sooo painful! Again using that elusive inner thigh muscle. Most times I can’t figure out where it is to use it!

    • Sounds like rondes de jambes en lé air?
      Does your teacher say the thigh stays quiet? I love when they use quiet to mean still, never encountered that anywhere but ballet class.

  3. Marie says:

    I actually am practising relevés and passés while brushing my teeth!! :D

  4. I’m always plie-ing while brushing my teeth. And relevés during cooking, since the countertop is slightly too high for me anyway :)

  5. I always knew there was something else I should be doing whilst cleaning my teeth, beyond cleaning my teeth that is… o_0

  6. Yvonne says:

    I have no idea what a battu is. I will tell you if I got it when we do them. But I also do some ballet steps throughout a usual day. Releves at work. Cooking in fifth position. Stretching while reading… :)

    • Penché to pick up things from the floor…

      • Lisa Nelson says:

        I know right… Thank GAWD my pets know how to get out of the way and that I work in a big office with only one other person… between penches, plies, pada boo rays ;) and pirouettes… I sometimes get a little excited… we’re talking full on giselle in the house! At least in my head… lol

      • Shazadi says:

        so right! i totally do that all the time. and it seemingly looks strange because of all the staring i get from the people around me eg in the gym when i pick up my water bottle. No sense of real grace they have :)

  7. I can’t battu while brushing my teeth, but balancing on one leg…yup…while cooking too!

  8. Diane says:

    It must be something we teachers have about tooth-brushing; I also tell my students to do little exercise-things while they are brushing their teeth. (though usually it is something innocuous such as standing on one leg with their eyes closed – to school the proprioception and stuff like that)

  9. I had a French teacher once who told us to practise our verb conjugations whilst brushing our teeth. I don’t think she specified whether we were meant to say them out loud :\

  10. Prettyanne says:

    Amen to your last sentence, lady. Just did this in class last night and have discovered that I suck horrifically at them. Especially when trying to do a port-de-bras at the same time… first inwards, then outwards…

    The teacher was like, “I know it’s hard y’all. It’s like, you’re up on releve, so your arm is like, ‘me too!’ and yoinks up to fifth automatically… and you have to go, ‘Nooooooo’ (in a low, growly voice) and force your arm downwards… but the second time you can let it go ‘me too!’ (in a squeaky high voice)”.

    Either way though, either my arm starts pumping, or my foot starts going round in random petit circular shapes. And let’s not even go into what my head ends up doing. Harummph. Why won’t my body just behave?

  11. rebekah says:

    hehe….just your average ballet class….

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