Blue Ballerina, circa 1985

The Box came!
And in the box was this sketchbook. From 1985. I know because it’s graded, first semester: A+ Superb! Second semester: B+ Turned In Late.
I was eight. Guess I was Real Busy.
Anyway, wanted to share this one with you, Gentle Reader: 20111009-180534.jpg
Now, ok, I’m gonna give you a minute to recover from the vertigo brought on by this crazy-ass point of view and nightmare checkered floor…
(Seriously, eight-year-old self, how much crack was you smoking? Maybe that’s why the assignment was late)
…and bring your attention to a few things:
Thing 1. I can see that the ballerina started out with a smile, which I then erased. Why? Maybe because-
Thing 2. Poor thing seems to have a left hand attached to her right arm. Has it been switch-er-rooed with her other hand, or is she a double leftie? Who knows! I’m sure it doesn’t help her get her grip on-
Thing 3. The scary-high barre which seems to be set at about 5feet off the floor.
And then there’s:
Thing 4. The bows on her shoe ribbons appear to be obeying the laws of gravity, even if the floor is flagrantly disregarding.
Here’s a closer view:

Thing 5. Remember back when we thought pointe shoe ribbons crisscrossed all the way up to the knee? Where did we get that idea? Or was it just me?
Thing 6. Why isn’t she wearing a tutu? Aren’t all little girls tutu-obsessed? What the hell!!!!


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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20 Responses to Blue Ballerina, circa 1985

  1. Blondie says:

    What a ballerina acid trip must be like. :D I love it!

  2. Chwenny says:

    Re: thing 5.
    I used to draw the ribbons high up my ballerinas’ calves the same way! But in Pink. Like they were supposed to be!!

  3. lalatina says:

    This put such a big smile on my face. Just finished reading some horrible 600 pages long history book for my exams when I thought I’d check your blog :D Great that you got your box! aaand i luv the floor haha!

  4. Yvonne says:

    Very cute ;) I used to draw ballerinas too that age. Maybe the smile was erased because you couldn’t do ballet?

  5. chrisgo says:

    Pointe shoes and a blue leotard, what level is that? :)

  6. You need to get this printed on a tshirt!

  7. Janet says:

    Excellent drawing skills, even though there are some “things.” My drawings have been stick figures at best. Glad the box came.

  8. Mattie says:

    Your drawing reminded me of these two photos from the amazing ballerina project, so perhaps your ideas were not so far fetched. Either that, or you were an artistic wunderkind.

    Side note, I am also an adult beginner (just started in September at 25) and I find your blog to be hilarious, delightful and so true. Although I’m a bit jealous of your class, we have about 50 in our class, so the teacher doesn’t give many corrections. I need an old Russian man to yell at me.

  9. Jaime says:

    I am also an adult beginner (started in January of this year) and am getting pointes next month! But anyway, I have pre-pointes now and my teacher, the first time I put them on was all, “no, no my dear, you are not a gladiator! Tie the strings lower, lower!” I will never again tie my ribbons high! :) Love your blog, you’ve been such an encouragement to me! Congrats on the baby that’s coming soon!

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