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Logged on to find this little bit of interesting caught in the spam-filter:

I love your blog. It has been inspiring to read!
I have my own – I have set myself the challenge of getting as dance fit as I was when I was with the
[name of a company], in a year. I am going to document my progress for entertainment in a new blog – [blog address with link]
I would be really grateful – if you like it – if you could add it to your list of websites in ‘Everyone Dance’?
ta muchly, and happy dancing.
[pretty girls name]
(P.S. I’m writing this here
[as a comment] as your email doesn’t work!)

Ok, so I’m totally flattered, I mean, someone out there wants to be on my blogroll bad enough to take the rather bold step of flat-out-asking.
And you know the Adult Beginner loves her some boldness.
And I love the premise of this new blog,
But I was also like, Girl please! You gotsta earn that mess! And then I was like, ok, how exactly does one earn a place on your blogroll, Ms. Thang?
And then I was like, well….
It’s just gotta have that certain somethin’ ok?!
I don’t know, sheesh, it’s not like I’m an arbiter of Good Bloginess or something, just like having these links around so I can go visit these blogs easily without, like, googling the title and searching.
And I’ve gotten a little gun-shy about putting a brand new blog on the roll. I mean, it makes the Adult Beginner sad to have a link to a great blog that I really love but hasn’t been updated in forever (Banana Feet, I’m looking at you).
So, just waiting to see how things develop, and in the meantime, will defo be checking out the Bold New Blog, and wishing it the best.

PS, as far as I can tell, the email works fine?

PPS, Another way to get traffic from other blogs is just by commenting, with your name as a link. Just judging from my stats, it look like bloggers who comment here get a fair amount of clicks thru? If you’re into that kinda thing?

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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22 Responses to Blog Rollin’

  1. Jen says:

    Ooh, blogger of Banana Feet here, I’m so sorry! I assuaged my guilt by patting myself on the back for being to lazy to advertise my blog, I had no idea you were so kind and linked it *deep blush!*

    My story is so sad though! For 6 months I danced and danced, 7 days a week, 5 hours a day! And then I had a bad fall and busted my knees. Doctors told me no more dancing if I want to be able to walk when I’m 40. Oceans of tears. But then I discovered circus school so all is OK! I can do a pretty rad routine on a static trapeze, and now just started training in flying trapeze, both of which are kinder to my poopoo knees.

    Does that satisfy yoouuu?? ;-)

    • Oh no Jen Banana Feet! I’m so sorry about the knees!!!!!!
      Trapeze sounds way awesome, though. Way way awesome. Super-glad you were able to find another totally rad thing to do, and that it’s all good.
      PS, I would totally read Circus Blog.

      • And I’m so glad you responded,otherwise I would have just died of curiosity for ever!!!

        • Jen says:

          Eeks, I am very inept at wordpress obviously, didn’t even know that you replied! Sorry Adult Beginner!

          I felt so touched by your comment, I started writing a blog post on Banana Feet to explain what I’ve been through and what I’ve learnt and how I’ve come to terms with having broken knees, but then I kept digressing and oh, I can’t sit still for that long ^^;

          I do recommend circus training to complement your ballet training though, if you have the chance! I was suprised how transferable a lot of the technique was, e.g. posture, centre of gravity, pointed feet, tight abdomen and bums, balance, etc etc. For example, I could tightrope walk in 5 minutes while most of my classmates couldn’t do it after 4 classes. Ballet makes everything easier <3

  2. chrisgo says:

    Speaking of generating traffic to a new blog, your readers must have good taste, I get more traffic to my blog from yours than any other.
    To whom do I send the check?

    • Did you hear that, Gentle Reader? You have good taste!

      I would say that this backs up my theory about comments leading to clicks, because, did you know, you are Most Frequent Commentor here? WordPress told me so!
      But for serial, if you’re getting traffic it’s because your blog is great and has a totally hilarious name. People be all like Woah! Leotards? Buns In Them?! Gimme some of that!
      So, you should, like, send the check to yourself. And buy some more ballet classes. And then write about the some more. So I can laugh!

      • chrisgo says:

        So your saying my dancing makes you laugh? That’s so cold it makes the mountains turn blue. ;)
        You know what, WordPress told me the same thing about you, you are far and away my most frequent commentor as well.
        Go figure.

  3. Acacia says:

    How do you figure this out? For a while I was putting people on my blog roll based on my liking them or wanting to give fellow newbies a shout-out.

    • For a long time I had the blogroll separated into general ballet stuff and a section just for people starting ballet as adults.
      Because I was like OMG, There Are Others Like Me?!?!?!?! But, was fretting too much about which category to put a blog in if the blogger had only had, like, only the tiniest bit of ballet as a kid? And it started to feel exclusionary, so, changed it to one big awesome list.
      As far as how do I decide what goes on it?
      Well, let’s use Melancholy Swan as an example:
      At first, I’d go find one of your comments and click through from there. After a while it occurred to me that, “This is silly, why not just give myself a link? That’ll be so much easier!”

  4. I was just looking up your URL to add you to my blogroll (thanks for posting your comments by the way)! Like you say, girl…you gotsta earn that mess!

  5. I never noticed your everybody dance list! So many new blogs to check out :D Also, pride that mine is present; thanks!

    • Gotta say, I’m totally delighted that you didn’t know you were on the blogroll, because: if you’re not paying a whole lot of attention to who is reading and how they found you, that indicates that you’re writing purely because you’ve got something to say!
      And that’s the best.

  6. roriroars says:

    Well, gawd damn, I don’t know what I did to earn a spot on the esteemed Ms. AB’s blogroll, but this post might have boosted my head circumference a few inches. (Dude. I earned this!) Of course, now I will live in constant fear of being removed from said blogroll.

    But yeah, I totally agree. I only post blogs that I really dig. They don’t all make the cut.

    • Ha!
      But don’t live in fear! ‘Cause really it’s no biggie. I like reading your blog, and that there’s what it is.
      Funny how the blogroll is given different importance on the different blogging platforms.
      Wordpress puts the list on your home page, which is nice, unless you’re viewing from an iPad, which gives you the very pretty magazine-cover but then completely hides the blog roll. I always switch to standard view right after the magazine cover.
      And then Blogspot sometimes has the list on the homepage, and sometimes hidden with the View Complete Profile.
      And then you’ve got websites, like the Ballet Bag, with a Whole Awesome Page devoted to links.
      And I like how some platforms will order the blogs on the list not alphabetically but in order of most recent to least recent update.

      Woah, pardon my nerd-out

  7. Chwenny says:

    Ok, so I’m not in the cool ballet circle so uh, I don’t know what a chaine is and all… but I added you to the itsy-bitsy non-pole section of my blogroll. Cos you is fabulous. And me likey very much. That is all!

  8. I had someone email me too, asking if I would please add their blog to my roll. Sure, I like to be notified when there is a new ballet-blogger out there. But I already have a nice selection. My own personal favorites. There are also other interesting blogs I follow, but I´m just not gonna list every single one. I like to see the newest post title displayed under the blog, and that takes up a whole lotta space. So, if you´re not seeing your blog on my roll, don´t take it personally. I probably read yours – even if you don´t read mine!

    And I agree with AB – you get readers by sharing your sincere opinions and insights on other blog´s comment boxes. That, and writing an original and easy-to-read blog! :)

    Having said that – thanks AB for generating the biggest traffic (outside of directly googling) for PTYD! We seem to share our readers, and really I´m happy with that. :)

    • Hey that’s neat!
      PTYD and the Finnish sister-blog send the most traffic via bloglinks this-a-way, neat how that is. On a day-to-day basis it’s you, twitter, and people looking for pr0n who provide the most traffic. Always feel sorry for the pr0n people. They must be so disappointed, poor things.

  9. I get this a lot – and not just on the blog or via email but on my Facebook page, too. Sometimes new bloggers (and businesses) seem to skip the Blogging 101 etiquette course but it’s really crucial before you go out slingin’ that thing or flat out begging. Commenting on other blogs (they are a social tool after all) is like #2 on the list for getting noticed. Real comments that add something to the post. Not, “I like you. Do you like me? Circle yes or no,” kind of comments.

    As for emails, I get the link exchange offer way too much and like you, I don’t like to recommend stuff to my readers that I don’t even know anything about. Not to mention, and I’m not trying to be snooty, but if your blog has 0 traffic, getting links from your blog isn’t really a benefit to me. Meanwhile, a new blog getting links from my active, long-standing blog… well, that’s why you want the link, right? But if you want a link, dude, you gotta have content worth linking to. That’s #1 on the list! If you want me to know about the content, that’s cool. Strike up a conversation on Twitter. Send me the link with no expectations – just “hey, thought you might like to read this.” If it’s worth sharing, I’ll do it anyway. A little work goes a long way. Wait, I just read something on that yesterday:

    And I won’t get started on Facebook wall spam. Ok, yes I will. When you go to a business establishment with your colorful, handrawn “Hey, we’re puttin’ on a show” flyers, do you just start pinning them up on the windows, or do you ask first? Mmmm hmh! That’s what I thought.

    Ok, rant over. Thanks for letting me get that out :)

    • No problem, Permission To Speak Freely always granted.
      Didn’t even occur to me, but yeah you must get this kinda thing all the time.
      And you’re a great share-er! And I like seeing what you’re sharing specifically because I know You found it and You like it.
      And, ok, so, not to go all Grandpa Simpson here and be all “back in my day”, but this blog had, like, zero page hits for the first few months. Months!
      And that was a good thing, gave me a minute to get the hang of, like, saying stuff before people actually started saying stuff back.

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