Free ballet class for skunks, opossums, and the occasional coyote

Apparently Smirnoff plans his classes in the evenings.
As the sun is setting, he’s playing his reel-to-reel and thinking up new barre adagios. This is when all the animals in tarnation come to tear up his back yard and eat flower bulbs. 20110908-092737.jpg

Or, as Smirnoff sez, they come to learn the ballet.

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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3 Responses to Free ballet class for skunks, opossums, and the occasional coyote

  1. Laura says:

    Weird nostalgia: my childhood ballet teacher (who was younger then than I am now, holymoley) had a reel-to-reel in the studio. One arm would not stay up and was propped with a Sweet ‘N’ Low packet.

    Sidebar: Does Smirnoff actually use the word “tarnation”?

  2. *snort*Hardly!
    No, All The Animals In Tarnation is my interpretation of the situation, his actual words were more like, “All the little animals, they come to dig! The squirrels, of course, and The Stinky Ones, what are they called?” (skunks?) “Yes skunks! And the big ones that look like a dog?” (um, possums?) “Those too, but also the big one that looks like a dog?” (um….what? I don’t know, what the heck looks like a dog except a dog? …Bison?) “Ah, coyote, that’s the one. Even a coyote! All the little animals!”
    Funny about the sweet ‘n’ low packet!
    The music is a big struggle for Smirnoff. He’s an old dog totally having to learn the new trick of Press Play, Press Pause, Track 7, Stop, Rewind, after a lifetime of just turning to his mother at the piano and saying, “Again, please”.
    Apparently if it werent for him fumbling with the music we would have no breaks between exercises at all, which would make for one hell of a workout.

  3. chrisgo says:

    Maybe excessive heat from the broken a/c in the studio is causing Smirnoff to imagine little animals.

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