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Ballet, there for you at the end of a hard day

Ok so there’s this box. Somewhere in my parents house. Packed it up eleven years ago. It’s my photo albums: baby, child, teenager; all the sketch books from, like, age can-just-hold-a-pencil up to seventeen; high school year books, and I … Continue reading

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Holy Ballet Biography, Batman!

So, I’m putting my sneakers on after class, and Smirnoff says, “Good, those are good shoes, those shoes have support. My Dear, you must always wear shoes at home, never go with out shoes, even when you are just working … Continue reading

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Girl, I hear that.

Me: Hey Terrier, you ever go to the Saturday morning class? Terrier: uh-uh. Me: too early? Terrier: Nah. Too hung-over.

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Nothin’s free. Even yoga.

Went to a free yoga class the other day. One of those Let’s Bring In New Membership deals. Totally full class, like, sweaty strangers way closer up in my grill than I like. Felt kinda bad for the regulars, their … Continue reading

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Solid, supportive, always ready to be leaned on…

So, we’re at the barre, Smirnoff’s working on getting his music cued up for the next exercise, Terrier raises her hand and says, “I have a question! Why do we turn toward the barre when we switch sides? Isn’t that, … Continue reading

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There are no stupid questions.

Had a look at the search engine terms people used today to find my blog. Saw this one: is ballet just high class porn Laughed for about twenty minutes. Then thought, “Well, Friend, only one way to find out- buy … Continue reading

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Blog Rollin’

Logged on to find this little bit of interesting caught in the spam-filter: I love your blog. It has been inspiring to read! I have my own – I have set myself the challenge of getting as dance fit as … Continue reading

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