Tried a new spot; got Busted.

Tried a new spot at the barre.
See, usually I’m on that barre that’s along the back wall, opposite the mirror, where I only see myself in profile.
(and by usually I mean always)
But today! Today I dragged out that portable barre, the one that goes perpendicular to the mirror,
And it was a whole new ballet class, you guys. Couldn’t see myself on the one side at all, then whirl around and I’m all up in my own grill piece, yo.
Seeing straight-on in the mirror like that makes you way way more aware of hips being level.
Or not level.
Also, portable barre is RrrrRrrrrRickety! This one especially. It’s, like, missing a cross-brace or something. So that one part of barre stretch where we have one leg up on the barre and we bend back and try to look at the teacher from upside down? Or at least that’s what the Adult Beginner always tries? Well, um, I might have very very nearly ended up on the floor today.
But anyway, so I’m enjoying this new and fraught-with-danger barre spot,
Except that Smirnoff thinks I’m trying to hide from him! He’s all, “My dear! I can see you there! My dear! I’m watching you! My dear! I watch your reflection in the window! Look at the window, do you see your reflection?”
I’m all, “no, but really I’m not-”
And he’s all, “My dear! Come over here to me!”
So, ok, class is at a stand still here, I walk over and stand beside him, and he has another girl go where I had been, so he can point at the window and say, “See! You can see her reflection? Yes? Right! That is how I see you too! Haha!”
And at this point all I can do is be like, ‘oh, haha! I am teh busted!” because insisting that I’m really really really really not trying to hide would just sound contrary at this point.
So, post-class, having some wine, I’m telling all this to Mr. Adult Beginner and he’s like, “so, the moral is…..Never Change Anything!”
And I’m like, “Totally! The moral is, Go Back To Your Old Spot!”
But I like that spot. And it’s funny when Smirnoff gets all You-can’t-fool-me-I-may-be-old-but-momma-dint-raise-no-fool!

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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9 Responses to Tried a new spot; got Busted.

  1. Ohmygawd I just realized why he thought I was hiding!
    It’s because at the beginning of class he was like, “My dear, someone is not here today, you take that spot” and pointed to the head of the barre, which is where Best Girl usually works, and everybody was like, “she is here! She is changing clothes!” so I was like, oh, ok and went back to the portable barre,
    Which means I was not just hiding, I was also Totally Insubordinate! I disobeyed a direct order! Ha! Ha and Oh Noes OMG!!!

  2. mladen says:

    now that’s just salt to the cut. i mean, not does he just aware of your “hiding” but he puts you out in front of everybody to demonstrate how cleverly unfoolable he is. come on! you should have protested sharply and with disgust! and i stick to unfoolable being a word.

    my spot is usually (that is always) at a portable barre that is veeery rickety. teacher insist it is the best way of avoiding the “barre death grip” since it literally becomes a death grip if you death grip the barre.

    • Oh no, I couldn’t have mustered up a sharp protest, it was too hilarious. Whole class got a good, ‘he so crazy’ laugh out of it.
      Funny, just realized I haven’t been embarrassed in that class in a long long time. Guess sweating with people on a bi-weekly basis kind of bonds you.
      Yes, death grip fo realz! Better work out too. Glad to know someone else uses the rickety barre on purpose.

  3. One time my teacher made me move because I was allllwwwaayyysss in the same spot. I moved from a profile view to a front view as well and boy is it entirely different! I never realize how poor my hip leveling was until then. Much improved now however, thanks to that experience. Change is sometimes good!

  4. Janet says:

    Are you back in pointe class yet?

  5. Acacia says:

    I don’t hide from the instructor, but from the mirror! I love Smirnoff’s “you’re so sly but so am I” reaction to your place! Maybe I’ll use that when I catch a student texting, since they don’t believe that I can see them.

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