Ok, so The Adult Beginner was a freshman in college way way back in nineteen hundred and ninety-five.
And because it was the mid-90’s, I was a raver. Now, before you go thinking, “Dang, the Adult Beginner is even cooler than I thought!” let me re-assure you: No, Gentle Reader, I was not cool. Rave-rave-raving ’till the break-a break-a dawn like a glow-stick twirling robot in giant pants and a tiny Batman T-shirt was just a really great way for a shy person to be social without actually having to talk to anyone.
Seriously big pants though. Don’t think I owned a single pair that actually had to be un-zipped before pulling on. Belts were a reality.
If I’d gone to college, oh, say, now, I could’ve read this really great
post and maybe gone down a whole different, regular-sized-pants path, who knows?
But what was my point?
Oh yeah, rosin!
Sometimes in the ballet studio I see little dirty looking folded paper towels, and throw them away, and then later see that they’ve reappeared and people are kind of grinding their ballet slippers into the yucky paper towels.
And then realize that there’s rosin on the towel.
And then think, what the heck does that do, anyway?
‘Cause it reminds me so much of these guys I used to see at parties, who would find a corner of the dance floor and reach into a pocket of their voluminous pants, or maybe reach into their tiny tiny backpacks, and pull out a canister of baby powder and sprinkle it on the floor in their little spot. And sometimes I’d go over after they’d left the dance floor and try that spot out and find that suddenly I could glide and spin and slide.
Finally got Smirnoff talking about rosin one day. He hates the stuff! Because “it may be nice for the ladies with their pointes, to keep them from slipping [a-ha!] but it gets ground into the male dancers knees! Like glass! Very bad stuff, my dear! But you don’t need it because you have darned your pointes. That is like permanent rosin. But better!”

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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10 Responses to Rosin.

  1. mladen says:

    ever listened to marusha? somewhere over the rainbow? or was that too euro dance techno?

    • Mariyah says:

      Marusha! She’s from the city I come from…
      *yay euro dance*

      They sprinkled baby powder on the floor…? *lol*

      • mladen says:

        yay euro dance and techno! marusha was huge here in the 90s.

      • Yeah, baby powder on the floor. It was understood that the powder-ee had prepared that spot, therefor it was Their Spot until they abandoned it to get a water bottle or a ring-pop or back-rub or whatever. If you encroached, they’d get a bit territorial.
        Talk about dance etiquette!

    • Marusha doesn’t ring a bell, checked in over at the YouTube, Deep rang a little bell…I was more Leftfield, Orbital, Chemical Brothers, Paul Oakenfold, Crystal Method, Hardkiss Brothers, Danny Tenaglia, Rabbit In The Moon…briefly met Dimitri of Deee-lite one time, shook his hand and told him I liked his set. There’s a picture somewhere of me and Josh Wink. Sometimes I’d pick up these demo tapes at parties, who the hell knows what was on them.

      • mladen says:

        i guess euro ravers have a slightly more…hm…particular tastes. so no orbital or chemical bros, but a lot of techno and dance. the european kind. like 2 unlimited and dr alban. “no no nono no no nono no no nono there’s no limit” and a lot of spandex and sparkles and baggy pants.

  2. Polly says:

    Okay, I’m finally at my computer instead of checking your blog from my phone, so I can now leave a comment.

    I had a friend who used to play violin and do ballet, and she used the same rosin for both her shoes and her bow. It was solid and in a nice little wooden holder, so she didn’t need any yucky paper towels, but she was always leaving it in either her case or her dance bag and never had it when she needed it.

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