The cold, hard, mauve and yellow truth.

Ok so we all know how a ballet studio is supposed to look right?
White walls,
Floor-to-ceiling windows, arched,
Functioning piano in one corner,
Like this one or this one,
Well, Gentle Reader, here is some Cold, Hard, Mauve-And-Yellow Truth.
In the form of some photos of the room where I get my ballet on.
Please note: the mauve and yellow may look old and dingey, but that is fresh paint, bitches. Someone chose those colors. On purpose. Recently.
Also note the florescent lighting, linoleum floor patched with tape, and the small, square, non-arched windows with a view. Of the hallway.




Oh, and the tiny rectangular windows have, like, dark bamboo mini-blinds. Fancy!
Ok, but please also note: un-beautiful as this studio may be, I love it-
Because I get to do ballet in it.
Also, I saw Twitch Boss from So You Think You Can Dance there in the lobby one time.
Just as handsome and charming in real life, folks.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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22 Responses to The cold, hard, mauve and yellow truth.

  1. Also, if you happen to recognize this scuffed, dark little place, Keep It To Yourself. Please!
    The Adult Beginner loves her some anonymity.
    Just, you know, wanted to show that some beautiful things can happen in some ugly places.

  2. roriroars says:

    I am thinking of posting some pictures of my own dark and dank Space Where Ballet Takes Place. It’s far more similar to your studio than PTYD’s or Jeff’s. Glamorous it’s not! But sacred nonetheless. And beautiful in its own quirky way.

    BTW, that linoleum floor scares me! Is it at least laid over a sprung floor? Yipes!

    • Do it! I’d love to see!
      The floor is sprung, but not, as the rappers say, Well Sprung. There is just the tiniest of steps up into the room as evidence of it’s sprung-ed-i-ness.

  3. Jeff says:

    Mauve and yellow, ouch. BUT so true that beauty happens anywhere and everywhere! And ooh, thanks for the linky link. Hello, Adult Beginner readers! :)

  4. jenniferc says:

    pleased to see a link to my ballet studio as an example of an “ideal” ballet studio! I’ve never danced on linoleum, how is that?

    • Your studio is really gorgeous! Radiators even! As a person who has never used a radiator I find them Highly Romantic.
      Lino is: ugly, dirty most of the time as evidenced by my shoes and, after class, my tights, but otherwise does the job.

      • Kaija says:

        The lovely dance studio at my university (where I first ventured into the world of adult ballet…*sniff*) had radiators like that. On winter days, I would make sure to get to class early and grab a barre spot right in front of one of those radiators in order to soak up the lovely heat, especially on my feet and ankles :)

  5. mladen says:

    now this place has some soul! especially since the dance school i started at was in an old run-down factory building.

    i was dancing with the rodents and i don’t mean that as a bad attempt to do a native american name…

  6. thepimwithacapitalt says:

    I think I’m kind of in love with your studio – it has character :)

    I’m now, however, thinking about windows in the studios I dance in and I think ‘lacking’ is the term I’m looking for…

    • Well, that can be a good thing, I guess, I have been cold-busted for daydreaming out the tiny window before. Don’t know how that man always catches me goofing off…

      • thepimwithacapitalt says:

        I think it’s some kind of knack they learn in ballet teacher school… ‘how to know when to look at your students at entirely the WRONG moment.’ I expect there’s an entire exam in it ;)

  7. Johanna says:

    Before I came to my current studio with the arched windows and (yellow!) walls, I danced in basement studios with pillars in the middle, in tiny attic studios with no windows or A/C, in converted factory spaces, in more rooms with pillars (absolutely hate those, always fear I will tour jeté into one), on wooden floors, on hard floors, you name it. A good space is lovely, but a great teacher & positive vibe beats arched windows anytime!

    Thanks for linking my happy place! :)
    – Johanna

    • Omg they Are yellow! Hilarious!
      No mauve though. Phew!
      Not that there’s anything wrong with mauve. It’s just mauve and yellow bring out the worst in each other. Like…um….two things that are bad together…Like the opposite of chocolate and peanut butter! Yeah!
      Wow, pillars?! Terrifying!

  8. odile53 says:

    Love it! Absolutely bilious color scheme!

    The only thing that is missing is exterior, one-layer-thick windows that can ice up in the wintertime so you can carve your initials in the ice with your nail while Eagle Eye is correcting some noob!

    And I’ll take lino any day over some of the wrinkled marley I’ve had the pleasure of tripping over.

    Yup–ballet can happen anywhere you got some space, a floor without potholes, and a mirror.

  9. lalatina says:

    Oh! I love this studio! I dance in a very big one, everything is white and it has very big windows and two huge doors to a garden (in the summer you almost feel like you’re dancing outside), however, the studio itself is plain boring- yours has character. I like it.

  10. Kaija says:

    I have had class in some places that looked very much like that and I thought the same thing: “who on earth deliberately CHOSE these colors!?!” But I forgot about the decor as soon as I started dancing :)

    I also had the hilarious experience of grabbing a shoe from the pile near the door and squashing a cockroach that once ran out to the center floor (apparently wanting to take a turn at the petit allegro) whilst a horde of girls screeched and ran and flapped their arms in horror. Having lived in some truly atrocious student housing during university, I am well-versed in roach management and felt very useful and mighty at being able to put my skillz to work! ;)

    I also love Johanna’s studio…*le sigh*

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