Ten Questions from All Around Dance

Gentle Reader, you know how sometimes you receive a series of interview questions, and you say to yourself, “Self, you could answer these questions very earnestly…or you could totally have fun with them?”
And then you reply, “yes, Self! That is such a great idea! You are smart and pretty!”
And then you’re like, “Exactly, Self!”
And then you high-five yourself.
Which might look kind of like a clap, but it’s not a clap, it’s totally a high-five to yourself.
Well, this {used to be a link here*} is one of those times.

*edit 4/23/13: the interview is gone, All Around Dance blog seems to be gone, or different, or something, and it’s a bummer ’cause I liked that interview dang it.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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15 Responses to Ten Questions from All Around Dance

  1. Lisa Miller says:

    Your passion for dance sounds beautiful, all sparkly and feathery!

    I did especially relate to your student/dancer comment. I registered for my first ever ballet class on Saturday. They gave me a t-shirt at registration which said “dancer” across the front and the school name on the back. I’m hesitant to wear it, since I haven’t even been to class yet (first class is Tuesday). That of course made me deeply ponder the philisophical question “At what point can I legitimately wear a ‘dancer’ shirt”. In the end I decided it was perfectly fine to wear it around the house while I did laundry today. The dog won’t tell…

    • Who’s a good dog? That’s a good dog.
      Your first ever ballet class? Yay!!!!!!!!!!!
      Pretty cool that you got a new t-shirt too. Hope it’s a cute one.
      And, just so you know, I read this comment out loud to Mr. Adult Beginner and had, like, a twenty-minute conversation about existentialism and what is the definition of dance.

  2. Chwenny says:

    Dearest Adult Beginner,

    Since discovering your blog shortly after discovering Henrik’s on Friday, I must confess that I’m absolutely besotted with you! Not in the scary, wanna-hump-your-leg way tho. But I do adore your honestly and humour, and I totally relate to adult beginnings. After two attempts at ballet, (the first at age 5 when I still looked cute in a leo and tights, then at age 17, when I realized my severe awkwardness and bad knock knees made it difficult to balance in plies and just look bad in ballet) I have accepted that it is not for me.

    I’ve since discovered a very different dance form which is slightly more forgiving but fun as hell and even more challenging for me. Unfortunately, it often brings to mind a less-than-pristine image than ballet does. But dance is dance, and feeling like a clutz transcends all styles.

    My inner ballerina lives vicariously through you now! (no pressure)

  3. Blondie says:

    Your interview responses made me very happy and gooey on the inside. I think our passions for dance might be related! They look fairly similar! Mine has a touch more rhinestones, but that might be because I glue rhinestones on everything I own.

    And as for your dancer/student response… it really hit a nerve with me. It’s so TRUE. I’d deny being a dancer for the first five years of training? Only now that I have trained enough to where I can begin forming my thoughts and feelings into dance steps do I feel like I could maybe potentially one-day-very-soon but not today, how about next Thursday call myself a dancer. :D

  4. Jenni says:

    Dear Adult Beginner,

    Thank you so much for your cute, witty and very inspirational blog! I found it a month ago and have since then read all your posts. You’re way of writing is so amusing that even my boyfriend often likes to read your posts with me. Please keep writing this lovely blog!

    I’m taking my first ballet class today, as a 25-year-old adult beginner. I’m so excited!

    / Jenni from Finland

    • How was your first class??? That is very exciting!
      Hee hee, glad to hear my silly blog passes the boyfriend test, that’s awesome.
      Let me know how your class went! Hope it was big fun!

      • Jenni says:

        My first class was awesome and soooo challenging! I thought I was in good shape since I’m quite athletic but even the basic correct stance was very difficult for me. I guess you just have to discover completely new muscles when starting ballet.

        My next class is tomorrow, can’t wait!

  5. Nick Jackson says:

    You sound to have a lot of interest in dancing and not just that I think you have great knowledge about it. I simply loved reading the post.

  6. Acacia says:

    I adore your hot, snarky self Ms. Beginner! I too see myself as a student (not a dancer really,) but we’ve been off for a month and I’m jonesin’!

  7. AB, the link now goes to Acumen website. :(

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