Big no-no

Thing I got busted for in class:
Favoring the good leg.
Smirnoff was all, “Child, please. Just ’cause I’m super-elderly don’t mean I can’t see you faking that plié! Best to rectify!”
ok he didn’t exactly say that.
It was more like, “My Dear. You must be even on both feet. Else you will have one big strong leg and one regular leg. You would look very strange this way, yes? Good! Let’s get back to work.”
Thing a classmate got busted for in class:
Chewing gum.
You can’t even believe it, Gentle Reader, can you?!
A grown woman! Who totally knows better!
The shame!


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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16 Responses to Big no-no

  1. roriroars says:

    Yeah, okay, favoring a leg after an injury… totally understandable thing to get busted for. Chewing gum in class? That’s just dumb. And a HUGE pet-peeve of mine. One of my classmates is notorious for this. She doesn’t get busted, because I guess our teacher just doesn’t care, but dammit I care when I have to listen to the slurpy chomping going on behind me.

    • Gross! Slurpy chomping!
      Weird that your teacher doesn’t care. I mean, thing #1 to ruin a beautiful balletical line might just be the rhythmically clenching jaw muscle.
      I think it would throw my balance off. You know, like the weather, my hairdo, and everything else.

  2. Acacia says:

    It is amazing how badly adults behave! I was working in my office with the door open and I kept hearing someone popping their gum. When I found her I said “so you’re the one making that gross noise!” her reply, “Yea, I do that.” And that was it. Since she was a student I could say “that means you need to stop,” and, looking stunned she finally threw her gum out. Some people think that teaching adults means that you can’t enforce rules.

    Favoring a leg is totally natural! Threatening you with different-sized legs is a great motivator.

    • Wow, “Yeah, I do that” ?!
      As in, ‘yeah, I make gross noises”? As in, “yes, this is what I am known for amongst my cohort”?
      Well, she’s still a student. So she’s still learning, right? Hope so? Maybe a little? Every now and then?
      Also, man, kids today! As my friend who was raised military would say, ‘Colonel Daddy does not approve!”

  3. Polly says:

    Gum just bothers me in general. I understand why people chew it, but in my mind it shouldn’t be done in public. Also people who spit gum out on the sidewalk, good lord!

    (My favorite adults-acting-like-6-year-olds story isn’t related to ballet, but is kind of funny. Last weekend, I was volunteering at a comic convention, and they gave out bags at the door to cary all of your stuff in. The bags had advertisements for different shows on the back, and people twice my age were getting upset that they weren’t getting the shows they wanted. One lady swore up a storm and then threw her bag in a volunteer’s face because he couldn’t exchange her Thundercats bag for a Supernatural bag).

    I hope the ankle keeps healing quickly! Best wishes!

    • Oh, poor nerds, all upset about getting the wrong nerd-thing.
      (It’s ok, I can say nerd, I’m a nerd too.)
      (Everybody’s a nerd for something.)

    • Heather says:

      Clearly this lady is not comic con-savvy. You keep the bag until you find someone who really really wants the thundercats one and is willing to trade for supernatural bag plus extra swag. Duh. In fact, I was hoping to get a big bang theory bag for just that purpose.

      Totally off tangent, but yeah.

  4. chrisgo says:

    Yes, but did she bring enough gum for everyone?

  5. Lisa Miller says:

    Dear Ms. AB,

    I’ve been reading your blog all day long, you are hilarious and inspiring. I’ve been wanting to take a ballet class for the last few years, but have not actually done it. I was looking at dance studios online and decided to do some online searches to see if I am in fact too old and to fat to take up ballet. I’ve decided based on your blog and some others that I can in fact do this if I really want to. A couple of studios in town are going to have open houses the next few weekends, so I’m going to haul my nearly 30 year old, 5’11, 190lb butt down to the studios and ask about their adult begginer classes (and pray that they won’t make me go full leotard in front of people).

    Thanks for the laughs and the motivation!

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