It’s hard to rip and it sticks to Everything

Him: what’re you doing?
Me: making a fucking mess!


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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6 Responses to It’s hard to rip and it sticks to Everything

  1. Kaija says:

    LOL! In advertant waxing as well? Yeah, the tape can be a a pain…pre-wrap is a good option AND it comes in spectacular colors so you can color-coordinate with your outfit as well as roll a length to make one of those nonskid headbands to keep the small frizzes off your face :)

    Wishing you fast healing vibes…I’m off to the physiotherapist instead of pointe class today so I feel your pain :(

    • Ha! Yeah, surprise extra smootness and hurtiness!
      And guess what? Went to wrap the ol’ cankle this morning, started unrolling the tape, and bam, what looked like half a roll turned out to be four stupid inches. Sheesh.

  2. lys says:

    hi ,

    in november last year i have completely teared my ligament. and i got a plaster cast for four weeks
    i had just 4 lessons pointeclass. so i really know the aaargch- not-know- i – want- to dance- on pointe-feeling
    the fysio said i could restart ballet in februari but only the barre ( just like you do)
    pointeclass i could restart in may but also the barre , and i could easely follow without pain
    but i had to dance with a tape ,in the beginning one like yours and before dancing i had to use voltaren gel ( i don’t know if they have this in your country? )
    but now i have to dance with this one

    with the first one,like you have for the moment , you can’t do pointe, but with the second it’s very simple …

    so give it some time and you will dance in ballerinclass



  3. Janet says:

    Can Mr Adult Beginner help you wrap the cankle? Athletic tape and similar stuff lived in the Boys Locker Room when I went to school. Now, in these modern times I guess the Ladies will need to learn the finer points of “taping”

    • Good thinking there, Janet, but my man don’t know nothin’ bout no athletic tape. He did help by confirming that I did indeed make a mess of a job with it though. So, that’s good.

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