Adult Beginner gets a Pep Talk. Or gets Told. Not sure which.

Phone rings.
It’s lé assistant de la Smirnoff:

Lé: Got your message Darling! We miss you in class! Tell me exactly what happened!
I explain.
She says,
“Now, I’m having some deja vú about this…did this happen one time before? You went away somewhere and took some class and hurt yourself?”
Me, holding phone slightly lower in order to hang head in shame: “yes.”
Lé: Well what’s going on there?! Haha! You go away and you get hurt! But I see how this can happen when you’re- you know- you’re not a seasoned dancer my Dear. I mean, you can do your pliés and tendus wherever you go but when you’re in a strange place with a strange teacher, everything is strange, and you’re trying extra hard because you want to do well but everything is strange…things can happen. It’s not the very best idea, you know, to take a strange class like that! Not the very best idea!”
Me, practically on the floor now: “…yeah…I know.”
Lé: Ok. But you’re able to walk? You’re not in pain? Are you wearing some kind of support?
I explain there’s no pain standing or walking, but the ankle’s kind of like stiff? And I’m working on some strengthening exercises? And I’m wearing this ankle brace? (Meanwhile trying my best to shoo the image of support stockings, girdles, long-line brassieres and other grandmotherly type Supports out of my head.)
Lé: Well, good. Then come back to class! Just a partial. Just do the barre. Your pliés and tendus. Don’t do jumps. No jumps. But, see, if you are out for a month or more, well, everything will be weak when you come back, and that’s just not good, that just bad, makes everything harder. Come back soon, try you pliés and your tendus. Keep your strength. And you’ve got your friend in class. The barre! The barre is the heart of ballet! It’s there for you.
me: um-
Lé: Come back! Do your barre!
me: Ok?
Lé: As soon as you’re ready! Just the barre.
me: really??!
Lé: And don’t wear flip-flops! Not even around the house!
me: Ok!
Lé: All right, see you soon. Call if you need anything. Anything! Come to class!
me: Ok! Yes. Thank you. I will!

Hung up and thought:
Thought #1- Woah. Crazy timing. Had just gotten settled into the idea of no ballet class for a bit. But it’s a good point about doing a little something so I don’t loose all the rest of it…
Thought #2- Woah. She said the barre is the heart of ballet. The heart of ballet! The barre! Is the heart of ballet! Who talks like that on the phone?! That is, like, some poetry right there.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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8 Responses to Adult Beginner gets a Pep Talk. Or gets Told. Not sure which.

  1. Sarah Dani says:

    That’s so cool that your teachers (and assistants) care enough about their students to see when they are out!
    I hope you can get back to doing barre again. I always miss dancing whenever we have a vacation or I have been sick.

  2. meangirl says:

    Girl, tape your ankle like I said and go. I think tape is better than a brace. Be sure to massage the outside of your lower leg up by the knee. That muscle gets overworked when you have a sprain. Just take it easy! :)

  3. It is nice that they care so much about you! My studio really doesn’t care if people don’t come to class haha…

    Totally right though, if you can weight bare then definately go for barre. Even if you couldn’t I’d say do floor barre; you gotta keep things up or you will definately fall behind in all of the progress you’ve made! Seeing a physio to have them show you how to correctly tape it for support during class might really help too.

    • Oh, your studio must care! Right? I mean how could it not!
      Ok, so I was poking around on line today and found a couple different sites about ankle taping that recommend that you rap above the ankle and across the foot, and I thought, huh, really? Sounds kinda painful, but, ok, I guess that’s, like, knocking on pressure points or something? And then realized it was a misspelling of wrap.

  4. kaija24 says:

    That was very sweet of her to call you and “give you a talking to” :) Having had lots of athletic injuries, I feel your pain. I had a particularly scary knee injury a ways back (not from ballet) and it drove me crazy to not be able to do anything for a long time, BUT I was all the more grateful and full of positive attitude when I was able to come back…it’s not for nothing that “you never miss the water till the well runs dry” is a cliche. I vowed to enjoy more and self-criticize less!

    I highly recommend the gel-type cold pack, the kind that stays flexible even in the freezer so you can wrap it around whatever body part needs icing…it really helps the swelling go down fast and eases some of the discomfort. If you can find one that also comes with a fabric sleeve for the gel pack and velcro straps to tie it on, all the better. Hope you heal soon and get to do some of that barre :) *HUgs*

    • Oooooo, cold pack. Yes.
      It was really sweet of her to call. Nice to be reminded that even though I’m an adult, they are still my teachers, teachers care, I can ask for help and advice about things other than which muscles I should use when, you know? I could’ve asked about when to come back, and I didn’t, so she called and told me anyway!
      Glad you were able to make a big come back!

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