Sprains are gross and dumb.

Gentle Reader, if you’ve ever had a sprained ankle you already know- that is one helluva scary looking bruise.
For serial.
There I was, day of sprain, bag of ice on stocking-wrapped ankle, self diagnosing via google image search, thinking, “oh Hell to the naw! There’s no way the Adult Beginner is gonna have a bruise like that! That mess is scary! Not cool!”
Accustomed to bruises, but, you know, generally they’re roughly circular-ish, radiating out from an impact. The typical sprain bruise is creepily horizontal and rectangular-ish. Which really drives home the gross-out factor that the bruise comes from something internal.
If you like to look at pictures of gross things, I’m sure there’s lots of stuff out there, but you could also do your own google image search for ankle sprain. I’m not posting a picture. Because it’s gross.
So, two days after the sprain-Bam! Scary bruise in full effect. Two days after that-Bam! Bruise all gone.
So weird!!!!
But the bad ankle still looks a little thick. Really hope I don’t come out of this with a cankle.
And it doesn’t point as fully as the other yet. In fact, really glad I have two feet, because, you know, it gives me a control. As in, ‘is this my full point? Let’s check in with the other one….look like that’s a nope.’
My plan is to continue wearing the ankle brace for all daily activities until this weekend, which will be just over two weeks from injury, and then re-evaluate. Probably keep wearing it to work for a third week, then decide from there.
Doing ankle exercises in the morning and evening: just simple things, calf raises and stuff.
After reading all you horror stories, Gentle Reader, I’m just gonna go ahead and say no ballet class for a month, maybe no pointe for a month and a half.
Gotta call lé assistant de Smirnoff today and let her know that I’m back home but won’t be back to class for a bit.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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11 Responses to Sprains are gross and dumb.

  1. mladen says:

    oh gosh, i’m out for a fortnight and miss out such drama. i hope it wasn’t awfully painful.
    although it’s one month without class, better safe than sorry.
    girl, you so hardcore, breaking ankles in class!

  2. Sandra Lindsey says:

    Maybe I’ve never had a properly sprained ankle? I don’t remember any bruises… I’ve gone over on my ankles a few times each side, and due to youthful stupidity (“I’ve just hurt my foot, but never mind, let’s have a game of football anyway!”) these days it’s more of a waking up old injuries.

    Most ridiculous injuries I’ve done: twisted my ankle walking across a warehouse (flat floor and everything!), and twisting something in my neck / shoulder while bleeding the radiator. Hope that gives you something to laugh about :-)

    • Not sure what defines a proper sprain.
      Nurses in the house? Doctors? What’s the deets on sprainage? Are there varying degrees from no bruise to Acacia’s scary story below? Or are there certain parameters a turned ankle must meet before it’s officially a sprain?
      Woah, bleeding a radiator sounds dangerous. And gory. And surgical yet medieval. You weren’t using leeches, were you?
      You twisted your ankle walking across a warehouse floor?! That is pretty funny. I mean not funny at all. I mean, sorry to hear about your ankle.
      Hee hee.
      Come to think of it, I stumble in airports pretty often. And those floors are pretty darned flat.

      • candice says:

        There’s definitely ‘degrees’ to it. I had a nasty one which required crutches in high school, landing stupidly on a grand jete, the next morning my ankle looked like a giant purple grapefruit. This is why you shouldn’t let your kids go to schools with bad technique….had someone fussed at me to not sickle that foot I might’ve been ok. :)

        But I’ve also just turned my ankle (same one, ten-ish years later) and stayed out for two or three weeks, which turned out fine.

        Don’t sweat it. The best thing about ballet is it’s always there for you when you get back.

  3. Janet says:

    So sorry about your ankle. I hope it gets better soon, and you can get back to ballet and your pointe shoes.

    I am not known for my graceful walk. My charming Mom tells me I walk like I am going over a freshly ploughed field. I am a San Francisco girl, no fields. The dumbest accident I have ever had was riding a horse bareback on a hot day. Did just fine while the horse was moving. Fell off after it had stopped and I was just sitting there. I was just embarrassed, not hurt. That incident ranks right up there with my one and only bowling score of 19.

    Now, do not injure yourself if you laugh at this.

    • Hahaaa- whoops! (crash!)
      Was just reading Ringworld, by Larry Niven, which has a great description of a character who walks as though she were perpetually about to fall over, she’s never had to develope grace because she has this luck that keeps her from knocking over all the things it looks like she’s about to lurch into.
      Your ma’s (totally hilarious) description reminded me of that.
      So, was the horse surprised when you fell off? I bet it was! Like, girl, what kinda dismount was that?!

  4. Acacia says:

    A dear friend severely sprained her ankle (inflatable cast, physical therapy & no more high heels ever) and she had a gloriously lurid bruise that lasted for a couple of weeks. I’m glad yours disappeared after just a couple of days. I, myself, have fractured feet and toes, but never got a real sprain.

  5. Annisa says:

    Hello Adult Beginner!
    I follow your blog religiously and get such a kick out of your writing – and dedication to the cause!
    I’m a ballet teacher in South Australia and totally relate to your experiences. We teach adults here and they could learn so much from you!
    I thought I’d post a reply today because I sprained my ankle this year for THE FIRST TIME in over 20 years of ballet. I’m not going to lie, it was the pits.. (And I didn’t even do it in class damn it, it was on a boozy sat night!)
    Anyway, I was out for 3 months. No weight bearing AT all for the first two, not really any grand jetes, releves etc until 3 onwards.
    My advice: Wear your strap all the time until the swelling completely goes down. When you go back to ballet next month, wear the strap for every class (and any exercise) right up until you have no pain when weight bearing. ( I ended up wearing mine for over 4 months, it was like a little security blanket!) THEN think about point again.
    It’s going to break you (it did me, I felt like caged animal – I just wanted to leap and jump!)
    BUT if you resist the urge to push before your ankle is ready, it will heal completely and faster. Mine did… I now am back to dancing as per pre-injury again (thank heavens).
    Listen to your body (sound ballet teacher enough?!).
    All the best for a swift recovery!
    Keep the posts coming
    Annisa :)

    • Ha! A boozy Saturday night! Bummer! Way to bring down the party!
      I’ve totally blaming myself for this injury, thinking oh my ankles must be weak or my proprioceptors are out of whack or it was just dumb of me to take that class at all, and all of that may be true, but it’s kind of perversely reassuring to hear that maybe sprains just happen? Even to experienced dancers? Who have strong ankles and all that?
      That sounds terrible, but you know what I mean- it’s nice to not be alone.
      Good on ya!
      For teaching and getting back to your pre-injury self!
      I will keep wearing the strap and listening!

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