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Big no-no

Thing I got busted for in class: Favoring the good leg. Smirnoff was all, “Child, please. Just ’cause I’m super-elderly don’t mean I can’t see you faking that plié! Best to rectify!” *snort* ok he didn’t exactly say that. It … Continue reading

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It’s hard to rip and it sticks to Everything

Him: what’re you doing? Me: making a fucking mess!

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Go see ABT’s The Bright Stream

Here’s all I knew about The Bright Stream going in: (mostly from Homan’s Apollo’s Angels, btw. That book is rad, btw.) Music by Shostakovitch, choreography by Lupukhov, The Bright Stream was well received when it opened in 1935 in Leningrad. … Continue reading

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The rent is too damned high!

I miss pointe class so hard. Had a really rough ballet class the other day. Like, emotionally rough. Like Smirnoff called me over before class and was all, “Let me see this ankle brace! No, I do not like this … Continue reading

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Not a tutu-

But kinda neat anyway.

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What to wear to the ballet

Well, if you’re the lady three rows ahead of me at ABT’s The Bright Stream last Sunday, that is a ridiculous question, as you are clearly going to wear the most Awesome Outfit Evar: Heels, shiny shiny pants, and a … Continue reading

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Dr. Vodka is not in the house.

Went back to ballet this week. And Gentle Reader, it’s a good thing too because I was weak! Weak, Bitches! Happened to glance down during a sustained developé and saw my thigh, the one I was holding out in front … Continue reading

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