What do we do when we’re not dancing?

Well we might stalk people who are.
I mean, hypothetically.
We might go to someplace like oh, I don’t know, let’s say Steps On Broadway, just to see what it looks like, and we might push through the door and slowly walk up three flights of worn marble stairs to see all the dancers milling about and signing up for their classes and the parents giving the place a look-over before they hand over their teenagers.
And we might admire the high ceilings and the wooden floors.
And we might wish we hadn’t eaten already because it would’ve been fun to have a snack in their café.
And then we might take a flyer and take the elevator back down.
And what else do we do? Well we might read about dance.
So we might go to someplace like, oh let’s say The Strand Bookstore, and we might find the dance section and we might be really thrilled to see so many books we do not own. And we might be totally in our own world and maybe kind of absent minded-ly petting the spines of some of old favorites that we do own, like, oh hey there, Dance As Life by Franklin Stevens, lovely to see you here, and then we might be jolted out of our reverie by a voice saying, “You still dance! This is very good!” and we might turn and see an old man,
And he might be directing a big blazing beam of a smile smile our way, and we might wonder at his use of the word ‘still’, and we might say yes, we are beginners, and the old man might ask where we study and when he hears that we are out of towners he may insist that this is very good, as the tap water is very much superior here in New York to anywhere else, and the ballet, and then he might very emphatically wish us luck with our dancing and then cruise off down the aisle leaving us with a big blazing beam of a smile of our own, which might carry us all the way through the cash register line, and all the way back to the hotel where we might elevate our sprained ankle and dig into our new books.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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15 Responses to What do we do when we’re not dancing?

  1. Heather says:

    I might spend an hour at work sat in the children’s library reading Usborne’s World of Ballet (Now Internet-linked!) Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  2. Dolly Williams says:

    love the blog! I am actually the reverse, I was a child beginner and stopped a couple of years ago but still read books and gaze longingly at dance schools as I pass by and get jealous when I see young girls in dance gear!

    Plus Heather… I have that book! haha

  3. Catchip says:

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better and finding things to do in NYC for the ankle-y challenged!
    Are you going to go to watch any ballet while you’re here? Swan Lake is on at ABT! I recommend the Sat matinee if you fancy it. Or I have a spare ticket for Thursday…
    Sending healing vibes across town!

    • I just discovered that and bought a ticket for Wednesday! Asked Mr. Adult Beginner if he would be sad to miss the show and he said no, he’s already seen Swan Lake three times and I was like oh, haha and he was like no really and I was like, Woah, Mystery Man.
      I am excited! Never seen it before!
      Thank you for the offer of ticket and healing vibes! Wooooooo!

      • Catchip says:

        Yay! Watching Swan Lake is surely the best possible thing to do when not dancing!
        Hope you enjoy it & get swept up in all that gorgeous Tchaikovsky. Wait…. you mean you created Le Lac des Poulet (homage extraordinaire) without even seeing the original?! No way!!

  4. When Im not dancing, i read blogs of other adult ballet beginners like me and get inspired. Cool posts!

  5. chrisgo says:

    I do my fair share of lurking which is difficult to do since there are little or no windows into the two schools I’m currently attending (It sounds more creepy than it really is, and I’m not alone).
    I’m a habitual lurker on-line as well, I read everyones beginner ballet blogs. It wasn’t until a few months ago when I dared to respond to blogs or even write my own.
    I also attempt to explain this ballet thing to friends and usually fail miserably. An attempted arabesque ended up with me covered in grass stains. Oh well, it was worth a try.

  6. chrisgo says:

    Of coursed I closed in fifth, as I always do (eyes rolling back in my head). I blame the fall on bike shoes, not my lack of dance skills.

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