Adult Beginner takes Manhattan. Again!

Oh hey, lookit that, I’m in the city
First order of business: Broadway Dance Center.
Signed up for basic ballet, you know, see if I’ve improved since last time.
With my fave teacher.
But horrors! He was out! There was a substitute!
But yay! Sub was Saketini!
Just as rad as last time!
When someone forgot their hands and made claws: “No Monster! Ballerinas, not monsters!”
When we did the hip-opener: “Donnn be sexy. I already know you sexy.”
When we did tendus in the center, with the head looking away as we go back, then toward as we go forward: “Remember look away! But donnn look at Stagehands! Your face is for audience!”
Right, stage hands not worthy, check.
Oh, and have no fear, Gentle Reader, turns out I am still totally immature: took me about half the class to realize she was not saying, “kudos”, as in ‘good job for closing front,” she was actually just saying “close”. Spent other half of class sternly reminding myself that it’s not nice to laugh at funny accents.
As far as the class, I had to be careful to keep my arms at second at the barre, not go up high for front, second for the side, arabesque arms for devant.
Man, I love live piano. Have gotten so used to Smirnoff’s cassette tape, had kinda forgotten you can plié to other music.
I don’t wanna say I breezed through the barre, ’cause that’s like totally arrogant, but yeah, I kinda breezed through the barre. While laughing. Love Saketini.
But had a horrifying moment at the barre! Looked down, dark smudges on the floor all around my little spot! Holy crap, how dirty are my slippers? How dirty is my studio’s floor?!
Then center. Well, is always center. Right side ok, left side all screwed up. Did a graceful thing where I thought, “oh, this will be awkward” and it was. Then a jumpy thing where’re I thought, “I will ace this.” and I did.
And then we clapped and it was over, no reverénce, just applause and get your ass out the door.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to Adult Beginner takes Manhattan. Again!

  1. amy says:

    Hey there, are you gonna try some other studios? Would love to read about what you think of them. There’s Ailey, Ballet Arts, Ballet Academy East for starters!

    • Yeah, gonna hop around!
      Went to BDC exclusively last summer because they have a basic level every day and seemed like none of the other places had basic level at times that fit my schedule and I was terrified to go above basic level because it’s not just ballet class- it’s ballet class in The Big City- aka Scarrrry- even though I was just fine taking ballet class in the other big city.
      So anyway, little less terrified this summer.
      Where will I be tomorrow? Who knows!

  2. Take Dawn Hillen’s class- she is AMAAAAZZZINNG :) She teaches at Steps, BDC and Ballet Arts!

  3. Oh also Kat Wildish at Ailey Studios :) There is a coupon this week for national dance week (search on google) so you can take it for free!

    • Thanks for the recco. I like free!

      • amy says:

        Hi again,
        Every Adult Beginner in the world needs to take Kat’s class at least once! It’s unlike any other – a real experience. That said, it is * not * basic. She teaches advanced beginner and intermediate levels. However, I started taking her class after only 1.5 years of ballet, and even though it was a challenge, it was an experience I will never forget.

  4. sqweakers says:

    Awesome welcome to new york!
    I was just checking Broadway Dance Center out, sense i’ve been slowly but surely trying to sike myself up for at least one sit in class. I couldn’t find an honest yelp review and i’m so glad you mentioned this place. I think i may try it out. you make it seem a lot less frightening then i had imagined it to be.

    thanks :)

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