Mya says knock you out

Been searching for this video on youtube for a while,

And I’m so bummed that even the so-called “unedited version” has edited out the best line, nay, the Whole Entire Point of this song!
Those parts that are bleeped silent? That’s where Mya declares “My ass is like woah.”
It’s seriously the best.
I love it.
She is fah reals the the Rappinest Rapper here, just telling it to us like it is.
Combine that utter confidence with the super hot fast-edit costume changes and it starts to feel like she’s representing Woman, with a Capitol Dub. I mean she starts with sexy gangsta androgyn, moves through rocker toughie, fitness hottie, disco grrrl, even some kind of swimsuit bandita, just kinda opens the song right up, like maybe Mya is not just telling us about her ass in particular, maybe she’s singing about the Collective Ass.
Mya is every woman; our ass is like woah.
And then she tapdances!
Hail yeah!
Ok but seriously youTube, how prudish is you? You’re ok with “My body’s like woah, my sex is like woah” but the word ass sends you into a gasp!-clutch-the-pearls!-delete-the-naughty-word frenzy? Really? You can say ass on tv! Sit-coms say ass! Bart Simpson said ass like twenty years ago!
Weak, youTube, weak.
Gentle Reader, I hope at some random point in the next couple days you remember, out of nowhere, that your ass is totally like woah.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to Mya says knock you out

  1. My ass IS like whoa. No denyin’ it. My husband reminds me even when I am being a hater (self-hater that is). He’s all, “babe, your ass is like whoa!”

  2. My ass is definatly not whoa…its boney and flat :(

    I will vicariously through the Collective Ass; that is what it is there for, right??

  3. sqweakers says:

    aw i miss Mya she was like whoa and an incredible dancer!

  4. Madeleine says:

    I feel this way about Ciara! She does one hell of a sexy androgyny, collective ass everywoman in Like A Boy and Ride !

  5. Alli says:

    LOVE this video! Mya isn’t really my type of music but you have to respect the dance moves. I was in tap for 11 years (only person at my studio who stuck it out that long) and I love how Mya makes tap sexy :)

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